Friday, 28 September 2012

Changing Scene: Revival

Coming back from exile...

Well... It has been a while. Since our defeat against Arsenal in 2010 at home, which was my last post before joining the Korean Air Force, so many thing changed in the past 2 years. We won the Premiere league at last, which was a lot faster than I expected and unsurprisingly we got knocked out of Champions League at the group stage. We were in the tough group (incomparable to this season's group though) but I thought we could have done better by beating Napoli at home, which was difference in the end.


During my military service, I was quite busy doing work and according to Korean military rule, all privates are not allowed to express their own opinion, as it can be shown as representation of entire force. This prevented me running my blog for 2 years and stuck as an ordinary spectator, which does not feel good at all.

I will restart my blog as soon as I recuperate from minor injury. See you soon!