Wednesday, 14 November 2012

2 Years... It has been a while...

Mission completed... 2 years of military service at Korea Air Force and I am done. It was good experience to work in there and I will never forget my time there.
Now football... Both of Ajax matches were shocking and so was West Ham match. Firstly the Ajax debacle. Simply woeful display at away and home. In both ties, City conceded poor goals and did not look comfortable without our primary playmaker Silva. Nasri is a good player but was never able to pull off what Silva used to do for us in daily basis. Disappointing performance all around.

Back in EPL, we faced Swansea and West Ham between the Ajax debacle. Played rather well in both matches. Considering the circumstances, I was glad to see City held up their head up high and managed to maintain unbeaten record for the season. Draw against West Ham was a bit disappointing but it was away game against Sam Allardyce's side, which was a hard match to get the result from.

Then the Tottenham match. Always good match to watch and, as expected, it did not disappoint me. Silva's comeback and Mancini's tactical shift was the key element of victory. Tottenham never looked threatening and apart from their set-piece goal. Shots from Huddlestone and Bale were only real threat to City. 3 at the back worked well, as Spurs seemed unwilling to attack after their goal. Introduction of Maicon seemed Midas touch from Mancini and for the 3rd time of season, Super Dzeko completed City's comeback.

Well that was the catch-up for me. I know my English is shaky and there will be a lot of grammatical mistake as I have not used it for 2 years. Constructive arguments and criticisms are welcome but I do not want baseless denunciations. Thank you.