Tuesday, 4 May 2010

City Vs Spurs Build Up.

The race for 4th has become the biggest battle of the season. Neither the title or relegation spots have come down to one crunch match as tomorrows. Let's not forget if City win, it's not over, but if they lose it certainly is.

Last Saturday couldn't of gone better for the purest, City dismissing Villa bid for 4th with a 3-1 victory and Spurs maintaining their form against Bolton with a 1-0 win. Danny at Bitter and Blue has the best review of the current situation. But essentially were a point behind, but ahead in goals. We can't afford anything else but a win tomorrow, if we want to to keep it in our hands.
City performed well against Villa, defended well for most of the game, shielding our box and breaking quickly with tempo and purpose, something we lacked in previous non scoring games. We are almost certain to start with with Bellamy, Johnson, Tevez and Adebayor. Although i would be tempted to replace Johnson with SWP, after his brief cameo on Saturday he reminded me what he can do when on form. Johnson did play well last match, creator of two goals but struggles to last 90 mins physically.
The formation of the midfield will be dependant on Barry, if fit, will he feature? Vieira looked imperious against Villa, dictating play with his excellent passing, Mancini will use him again. De jong is as an ever present necessity and will no doubt start to limit the effectiveness of Palacios and Huddlestone. I can't see us going for 3 in the middle, I don't think we can afford to sacrifice our attacking threat.
A main focus of the pre match build up will be on the goalkeepers. Fulop didn't have the best start, he looked nervous, but grew in confidence handling the high ball well and good distribution. He wasn't helped at all by a very poor performance from Bridge and Toure. Spurs may be without Gomes, who suffered a groin strain, so may be forced to use Ben Alnwick and Jimmy Walker, two available 'reserve' keepers.
Finishing 4th would be the icing on a very good season. The final home game of the season, should be a great spectacle, both sets of fans will be in full voice. Regardless of Alan Hanson's views, City do deserve to be challenging for 4th as do Spurs. I just hope It's City who finish Primus inter pares.

(i didn't write a review after the villa game, due to illness.)


Anonymous said...

erm..Passion not pasion,or is that how its spelt when its bought?

thomas said...

presume your talking about the Argentinian Spanish on the poster.
very witty!

havn't spurs spent 150 million?

Anonymous said...

Don't embarrass yourself Thomas. Spurs have spent money but across several seasons. It's also money they have made (aka earned). Spurs are a self-sustainable club. We don't have players, goalkeepers and stadiums thrown at us to help get us where we are. Paying over-inflated fees and wages to players who wish to be either sunning themselves in Brazil or to constantly complain about working hard in training. There's no comparison between Spurs and City.

That said, you are playing within the rules so why should you care. Just don't come on here comparing our shrewd business model with that of yours which has as much logic as what can be written on the back of a fag packet.

Anonymous said...

what's up football heads its time for the 4th sport who is it going to be hmhmhmhm. you don't need to think whos going to win its clear. spurs have no chance home game for city fan are going be up 4 this game players are going to get a big boost for fans. city are going 4th CL next season big-time players are going to be linked keep PL on top of all European leagues.

thomas said...

lol anoymous, leave your name!

You may not like our model, but there is a long term logic to it. the rapid acquisition of player ( forgive my garry cookism) was needed to get City to compete at the top. Spending now on infrastructure, expanding stadia, entertainment, retail opportunities associated with the club, will in turn create self serving process at the club that will be able to compete with the tops clubs in the world. It's at least written on a cigarette carton.

Spurs are very well run, along with Arsenal.. but have a high amount of wages, and plans for a new stadia, you really do need champions league.

I'd rather have a multi million pound signing complain about training and still score goals rather than languish mid table with a some lanky greek upfront!

Regardless of your point, player who joined City of spurs in the past two seasons, joined for Champions league aspirations.
Were not so different!

BlueWolf said...

It is going to be one hell of a game, that's for sure, and I feel that should we (City) keep some fast legs on the bench - SWP - it could very well prove to be decisive as it was against Villa.