Saturday, 14 August 2010

Arabian Job: Season 3

So here it is people. Just a few hours away from the kick off and I am sitting in my room, enjoying the sound of rainfall.

1245 kick off was never my favourite when I was in England because it meant I had to wake up 9 o'clock in the weekend to prepare myself for the match. But this does not bother me anymore, as I am in 8 hours ahead from England.

City finally got who they want and I am not sure what Mario will bring into the squad that is struggling to blend at the moment. Never doubt his ability though. Once everything settles, i.e. after transfer deadline and submitting 25 men squad list, I am sure he will show what he got.

Four players set to make a debut today (Kolarov, Silva, Boateng and Y.Toure) and they all expect to play pivotal role for the team. Especially, Kolarov and Boateng will strengthen City's poor full back position.

Expected line-up: Given, Boateng, K.Toure, Kompany, Kolarov, Y.Toure, Barry, Silva, Johnson, Tevez and Adebayor

P.S. It will be 400th appearances for Gareth Barry, if he makes appearance today. Many congratulation on his achievement.


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