Friday, 24 October 2008

Days Round up.

All round miserable bore Jack Charlton tells Steven Ireland to apologise and get on with it or just forget about it. He wouldnt tolerate it in his day. Not entirely sure what Stevie problem is, was it the wig, or does he just suffer under pressure. Ireland(country) would be pleased to have him back, by far, on of the best talents they have.

Mark Hughes is optomisitc over Martin Petrov's injury. He hopes to delay knee surgery for the player after consultation with Petrov's specialist in Spain. Luckly he didnt damage his ACL, but has damaged his meniscus ( often cited as torn cartiladge, it helps spread the weight ont he body and reduce friction in the knee.) They are hoping over the next few weeks to build the muscle around it, to give strength and support, andget him playing much sooner than expected.

Looks like a long shot to me!

Micah Richards looks' set to return for the Stoke game this sunday, Great news if true, as we are looking pretty bare at the back at the moment. We need him at right back, Onouha looked awful when he came on the other day.

Mark Hughes is preparing his side for the challenge of Rory Delap, who isnt that good a footballer, but has a long effective throw, that Stoke have put to good use this season (still doesnt rival Dave Challinor record breaking throw of 46.75 metres). Hughes is rightly concerned, as our defence is rubbish at the moment, no zabaleta, dunne playing some of the worst football we have seen for some time and garrido still struggling to tackle anything. We need a result in this game, or the pressure will grow on hughes. Elano needs to play, i would hate to see him a vicitm to tactics, everyone has raved over steven ireland this season, but i believe Elano has been the unsung hero, scored goals, created goals and his role with the defence means we dont lose so much ball from dunney whacking it upfield. He also has a far better final ball than ireland or anyone else and shouldnt be the one left out.

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