Thursday, 23 October 2008

Much Loved and much Admired: the Joey Barton Story.

"the last-chance saloon"
Yes Joey is worried about it being his last chance, now he's a changed man. Joey blamed alchohol as a convienent excuse for stubbing cigars in collegues eyes, hitting kids in the far east, recking a taxi cab and battering someone outside a Mcdonalds. He doesnt have an excuse for battering a team mate so severely he had to be taken to hospital, depsite having medical staff on hand at the training ground. Nor could he excuse his awful behaviour on the pitch stamping on the heels of another player and and outright kicking dixon Etuhu, for which he escaped any punishment.

He doesnt deserve any chance. A thug, that the game should of tossed aside a long time ago. It's ironic that his return coincides with the arrival of a footballing moron at Newcastle, in joe' i'm irish' Kinnear. The perveyor of thuggish football and long ball nonsense will find Barton right up his street, a poor passer of the ball but a good at kicking the opposition.

If platani really wants to protect the game, he needs to stop thugs like Barton from getting so many chances to shame himself and the image of the game.

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