Sunday, 4 April 2010

Burnley 1:6 Manchester City: Review

I have been saying for some time that the flood gates would open and City would batter a side. I didn't expect it to happen in 7 mins. It was a great start to the day already, with United losing at home to Chelsea and then Spurs being beaten by Sunderland, in a game where Darren Bent should of had 4 goals to his name. We are now in the strongest position in the battle for 4th. Narrowing goal difference, ahead on points. The 4th spot is ours to lose over 6 tough end of season games!

Who expected such a start? The Burnley defence were statue like with Johnson, Tevez, Bellamy and Adebayor bursting through gaps with little challenge. City started the match with verve and venom needed to secure the game quickly and in an assured manner. The result was brutal, 3 quick goals in 7 mins led to an exodus of disgusted Burnley fans. Two more goals on the 20th and 45th min finished the half 5-0 up. It may be ludicrous to suggest this be, we should be a little disappointed that it was only 5. With some poor final balls and and unlucky shot of the post from Tevez it could of easily been 7 or 8 goals! The team looked good, Vieira looks better suited to playing along side Barry and did himself the world of good after the Wigan game. He dominated a very pedestrian Burnley midfield, and his passing ability is of great value to the side.

What can be said about the second half? Rain, rain rain is the best way to put it. The pitch quickly turned from premier league to Sunday league with large puddles forming all over the pitch. Burnley came out with more fight and energy, helped by awful conditions, the game was less than exciting in the second half, But the players effort was what their fans deserved. City were inevitably first to score again with good header from Kompany. But Burnley also managed to get a goal back, with a nice finish from fletcher. This goal was perhaps a blessing, as it proved that goals still could be scored with the heavily saturated pitch. Despite the Burnley managements best efforts to press Mr Friend to cancel the game, Wiley, the most experienced ref was given a good enough excuse to let the game run it's course. I couldn't enjoy the second half at all, with the fear of abandonment, but only with City can you be 6-0 up and be nervous!

Credit to those Burnley fan's who stayed, they were in full voice and good humour as you have to be in these circumstances. As a city fan I can remember a drubbing from Arsenal where the fans reacted in a similar matter.

City now primed for the challenge for 4th spot. Four out of the next six games are at home, which is of great benefit to city. I don't fear Spurs, I think they will struggle in the run in, I feel the much discounted Liverpool have the easiest run and may sneak up the table! Our destiny is in the our hands, which is a good thing. We simply have to win more games than Spurs, Liverpool and Villa, or at least equal them!

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