Sunday, 18 April 2010

Derby Disappointment

Yesterday was a terrible day for City in footballing terms. Apart from the obvious disappointment losing to United in the last minute, the hurt was compounded by Spurs beating an under performing Chelsea. City have not only lost their advantage for 4th spot, but slipped to 5th and 2 points behind Spurs. An all round terrible day. The race is not over of course, Spurs have to play United next and us, hopefully we can move on from the defeat and finish the season in impressive fashion.

Losing in the last minute was gut wrenching, but not surprising with our previous form. City didn't play badly, but we didn't play that well either. The lack of tempo in attack was frustrating. Considering how well we played in previous games, we lacked the same venom and edge. Bellamy and Johnson were not in full form, Bellamy struggles with his final ball for most of the game. Tevez and Adebayor worked hard , but couldn't find any inroads, the lack of concrete chance caused great frustration.

The midfield didn't function well, despite Barry and De Jong performing to a high standard. The loss of De Jong in the game, may well of cost us the game. The two midfielder's sat too deep allowing United a lot of time on the ball, and space to press forward. I thought it an odd tactic, as it allowed United to shoot from distance, with players like Scholes and Gibson, that's a strange risk to take.

The defence wasn't at it's best, Kolo Toure looking the most dominant and confident at the back, is stark contrast with Kompany who looked like a bag of nerves, making several silly mistakes. Bridge continues he spectacular ability in not being able to cross to a City shirt this season. I find it hard to believe that Terry once said he was the best crosser at Chelsea.

The negative impact of the substitutions can take some blame for the loss. SWP came on beat Evra twice but failed to deliver a quality final ball, and ultimately gave the ball away that led to the United goal. Ireland arrival in a position behind Tevez, i thought would be positive, but he continued to show the lack of interest and effort that has limited his chances this season. Ireland stood by in the box and watched Scholes run past him to take an easy unchallenged header. I wouldn't be surprised to see either player leave in the summer.

A bad result, yes, but our season is not over, i hope there will be more twist in the final four games for our sake! The City fans were brilliant yesterday, and the players performance didn't match our efforts. We are owed a performance at Arsenal.


BlueRain said...

It's clear that City are carrying too many passengers in the team; players that simply are not good enough to compete at the very highest level. I'm sorry to say that the one time player of the season, Stephen Ireland, has put in a very poor shift this season and has to go. SWP and Wayne Bridge have also shown that they're simply not good enough -- how SWP can demand a salary increase is simply beyond me; he obviously disappeared up his own back side! Others too could and should be added to the list of players on there way out. Oh, and any though of selling Hart will probably cause a riot -- don't even think about it!

I not sure if Mancini should stay but whoever manages City next term needs to create a regime where mentally switching off in injury time simply never happens. Once is unfortunate, twice is unacceptable, but three times demands that heads role! In the business world, you'd be lucky to get a second chance let alone three.

On the upside, City still have a chance to claim fourth position and it's now looking likely that we will have to beat Spurs at home (along with our other games). Having said that, the form Spurs are showing right now leads me to think that it might be all over for us after next weekend's results come in.

No matter what Spurs (and others) do in the remaining games, the players and management staff owe their supporters. I can see a potentially very hostile reception from the City fans if the players don't put in the shift of their lives when we play Spurs at Eastlands. Nothing less than a victory will be acceptable.

thomas said...

Hi BlueRain, Nothing I can argue with there. We do lack quality in the midfield, I feel Mancini was some what let down in the January window, He wanted several players to fill the position, Flamini, Gago, Mariga, but who ever it was marwood, cook? Didn't do the business..

Arsenal lost today and look really weak, Spurs have had a bit of luck, a very poor Arsenal and nervous Chelsea, getting some fortunate decisions. They are beatable!

If we can try and regain some of that form, previous to the derby, we will be with in a shout.

I expect at least Ireland, SWP , petrov to leave in the summer at least!

We wont sell hart, with the new premier league rules over home grown players, we will want to keep hold of him.