Thursday, 11 October 2012

Apology on My English

I am so sorry about scrappy English. As you all know, English is my second language and since I joined the Korean Air Force 2 years ago, although I tried my best not to forget how to write, it got rusty. If you guys find my fractured English so disturbing, please come forward and correct me, as I need time and help to amend this problem. Thank you.


Jonathan Fell said...

No worries, ignore the grammar police and keep blogging. How are Man City perceived in Korea? Have people heard of us now? Does accelerated spending upset people there as much as it does here in Blighty?

JKIM o.o said...

Most of Koreans support big teams, like Man U, Arsenal, Liverpool or Chelsea. Spending did put off a lot of people at the beginning amid of world financial crisis but they later admitted it was only way for City to step forward. Still, they are taking a mick out of it.