Saturday, 6 October 2012

Weekend Preview Match Day No. 7

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The Borussian Problem

Watching Dortmund match was the most excruciating experience since I started to watch city match in 2007. Especially in the second half, City seemed very lazy at a time and if it wasn't Hart's brilliance in front of countless Dortmund attack, Gotze & Reus in particular, City could have conceded double digit. Frustrating performance all around the squad and I really do sympathize with Hart's anger against the rest of the squad. 

His anger reminds of Iker Casillas in 2006 when he had to make string of brilliant saves to guide them to the La Liga title. But then Real lacked in defenders at that time. Likes of Pavon and aging Helguera & Cannavaro, the team were deemed to concede numerous chances against their opponents. With Kompany struggling and Mancini indecisive on 3 or 4 backs, I could see Hart mourning in every post match interview.

v Sunderland

Remember what happened last time? Well surely not this time right? Especially City are chasing Chelsea with 4 points behind and midweek Champions League misery, this is kind of match that City must win to change the mood in the dressing room.

The away record of Sunderland is particularly encouraging. Since 25th of February, away match against WBA, their record is 7Ds 4Ls. Also, since the investment was made in 2008, City looked pretty dominant against Sunderland at home.

But those facts are meaningless when the squad is beaten up like this. Apart from Joe Hart, none of the core member of title winning squad are firing all cylinders. Kompany looks shaky from the start of season and Silva looked knackered from summer international duty, especially he exhausted prior to the Euro already and rest of the squad haven't been as consistent as last year.

Courtesy of MCFC Official Facebook

Having said that City did get the result out of the current circumstance and they always had someone to deliver something special to win the match and City showed their resilience against their shortcomings during this season.

For Sunderland their talismen are Adam Johnson and Steven Fletcher. Fletcher in particular is one to look at, as he is now scoring 7 out of 7 league matches. Hope City's defense are up to the task in early morning kick off. - Guardian Squad Sheet - Telegraph on City's plan on new training ground - Telegraph Match Preview - ESPN Match Preview - BBC Match Preview - Independent Match Preview - Independent's article on Adam Johnson Comment

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