Sunday, 15 March 2009

Chelsea 1:0 Manchester City: More of the same!

It was all wrong today. The team, the approach and substitutions.

Chelsea were the better side, deserved the win but essien finish was very fortunate. He could of never hoped to finish to well with his shin. Onouha had a great game today did very well (with a bit of help from the post) to keep the Chelsea down to 1 goal . He rivaled Essien today for MOM.

City were at heir lacklustre worst. SWP seemed to find the form that kept him out of the Chelsea 1st team. Ireland without the protection of De jong and Kompany was never going to be able to cope with Essien, Lampard and Ballack. We really missed our two defensive men against some of the best midfielders in the world.

Elano was good today, he seemed to be the most composed on the ball. Passing and tackling kept city going. I have no idea why Hughes replaced him with Etuhu, and neither did Elano. Very poor decision.

Caicedo worked hard, put often isolated and overwhelmed by terry and Carvalho closing him down. Robinho offered him little or no support. He still did his part and we looked worse when Evans came on. He offered very little apart from needless fouls.

Substations are meant to strengthen a side, they didn't today, we went down a gear. A very unimpressive performance.

Robinho was extremely frustration. You would expect him to raise his game for Chelsea, so why was he so poor. Elano should be more annoyed that he was removed instead of him. He looked the lowest i have seen him this season. It was nice to see Bojinov. I'm sure all our hearts stopped when he limped away from a shot. He offered allot in a very little time. When is he ready for more than 10mins?

The goal was farcical. The captain Dunne should organise his defence and keep a grip. Confusion set in as he called Zabaleta away from Essien and then Bridge moved. It was ridiculous.

We came blame injury's and and congested schedule. But it doesn't excuse the poor performance we put in today. We didn't raise our game and hopefully it won't do too much damage to our confidence.

I wouldn't of picked Robinho today, i would of put either Gelson or Garrido in the midfield and have a much more balanced side. Aalborg next, lets hope our European form gets us through!

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Gary Nolan said...

Thank god for News Of the Blues. Tommy everytime I seem to think I might be losing my mind, I come here and read an article with that makes sense.

In this particular case I am talking about your views on Elano. I to saw the same Elano performance as you but on other blogs they do not seem to agree. I even watched the game again incase I was wrong but I still couldn't see what these other people saw, then I came here and yet again found someone who understands football a bit better than others.