Friday, 13 March 2009

Manchester City 2: Aalborg: Last 16 win, still no fans!

The last 16 tie, still not enough of a pull for City fans to watch their side. 24 thousand yesterday and again the third tier empty. I don't know why the club don't offer cheap tickets and get the ground full for a game like this. It's embarrassing that we have been pining for a good Euro campaign for years, now we have it, barely anyone turns up!

A good performance tonight. The attacking play again was excellent. Elano, Ireland and SWP were exceptional times. Robinho looked in good form, but still goals shy which is a worry.

With only 1 defensive mid, we were open at times to some good attacking play from Aab, but the defence coped well. Dunne and Nedum continued their partnership and a good performance Richards is very encouraging.

We created plenty of opportunities yesterday, but again failed to kill of the game. It could and should of been 4 or 5. So it puts some pressure City to get an early goal in Denmark to get a clear advantage. But not conceding was vital and very pleasing. Frustrating at times, but a generally good performance.

Good to see Kelvin back from injury, he gives us yet another option. I hope Platini took notice how many academy players featured last night.


Gary Nolan said...

I think tickets are cheap enough for the last 16 of European competition, they just can't be bothered. It is basically only season ticket holders going. As for the top tier, the club haven't been opening them.

MCFC Blue said...

I went last night and I must admit it would be nice to see more fans, but Gary why open the top tiers if no-one is gonna sit there, its not as if the first two tiers were packed.

P.S. Loved the 'if you're watching on the tele clap you're hands' song!

Anonymous said...

Still no fan's ?
Live on the TV
Another mickey mouse outfit, no name no pedigree, no exitement
To all the non married guy's out there Times are hard.
It cost me around £80 for me and student son Thursday night, Touch wood I can afford it but dont insult those who cannot.

Gary Nolan said...

Couple of points, I didn't say open the top tiers I was picking up on this from the article''24 thousand yesterday and again the third tier empty''. And for the anon comment, I don't think anyone is insulting those who can't afford to go. Thats a nice try at an excuse but you must know yourself they are not going because they can't be bothered.

pjdemers said...

I wonder if the empty seats are part of the mindset that has set in since 1976. Its not a negative mindset as much as perhaps one owing to an inferiority complex. Something between the idea that City either flatter to deceive or are simply snakebit.

Its interesting how much press is now circulating around City and the need by Hughes (and others) to establish a winning mentality.

The UEFA cup is now very much a realistic target. This may be a stretch but maybe City need only to look to Spain at EURO 2008. Before that tournament several players led by (Cesc, Casillas, & Puyol) actually unveiled a banner essentially saying that the time for excuses was over and that it was time to deliver.

Maybe Its high time City players and fans alike realize our immense talent. Don't think say so, we have 2 Brazilian internationals,( both on their day pure class) as well as 3 english internationals (Richards, Bridge, SWP), 2 Irish (Given, Dunne, ) a regular for Ecuador, a Welshman who's no slouch, and most of all a revitalized Stevie Ireland who has not only transformed into a international class player but is bordering on world class on his better days.

Bottom line; there is enough talent to have a truly realistic chance of reaching the UEFA final. Not only that but dare I say it, City look like they have found some much overdue confidence. this is the closest City have come to silverware since 1976. Lets stop wondering if we're worthy of achieving great things. We know we are!