Saturday, 19 September 2009

It Begins: United Vs City, Manchester/Salford Derby!

Derby day is amongst us once again, Mark Hughes men have their toughest opponents this season, Arsenal obviously an easy win at 4-2! As usual the war of words has started between players, managers and between fans, I’ve already received a few ‘rag texts’ this week! I obviously really hope we win, so I don’t have to keep quiet for a few days after the game, I want to gloat!

It’s a tough task! United have a strong side, albeit without Ronaldo who they will certainly miss. Expect to see Granddad Giggs and Scholes feature at some pint, the ageing twosome are still performing relatively well this season! Hopefully Cletus the slack jawed defender will miss out through injury as they are certainly better team with him in it! Rooney (proven in the Nike advert to be half chimp!) is no doubt the man to watch out for, on form this season, he is sure to be the real threat already netting 5 goals this season!

I am expecting a scrappy game! Hughes knows how to play united, proving an all too difficult opponent at his times at Blackburn. Without star man Adebayor who is actually suspended believe it or not. We need to take a solid approach towards the game to suit the squad available. Taggart slated Hughes for Blackburns methods at the Swamp, but i expect some of that grit tomorrow. With De jong, Bellamy, Tevez, we have the right work ethic to compete and cause problems. De jong and Barry will be key in controlling the middle! As United will certainly be physical!
Taggart and Hughes don’t particularly get on anyway, the press battle between the two has been some what entertaining! The ‘Tevez’ poster is still grinding the gears of Taggart with him outrageously slating City as ‘Cocky’! Oh well!

At the moment City have more injury problems than Michael Owen. But according to the helpful daily training reports on Bluemoon, Tevez HAS trained three days in a row, and I have sneaking suspicion he will play! RSCrock has also started full training, although lacking in fitness, may have a surprise spot on the bench! The defence as norm, the midfield will likely feature Ireland, Barry and De Jong. Ireland really must improve on his season form, providing the link between striker and midfield and show his ability! Without Adebayor we lack that edge up front, but Bellamy did have a fine game Vs Arsenal and should prove a nuisance for the United Defence. A fit Tevez would be a Brucy bonus! I hope Hughes will give Petrov the go ahead, he looked good the other week and has real class, he too has pace which always give defenders a headache! We still have a pretty decent side, we could have the beating of United. Mind you, we won with Vassell and Benjani so anything is possible! Bad knees Benjy could be another one in line for a spot in the squad, although I’m not sure if he is fully fit!

Expect a scrappy game, probably not a great one either. Few goals, if at all! Is a draw on the cards? It wouldn’t be a shocker if it were too happen, but fingers crossed City will come out on top tomorrow 1-0 with a goal from Lescott!

Also, may i say happy Eid, Eid Mubarak: to our Owners for tomorrow!

+ check out TLDORC recent interview on a rag site, yes he's been fraternising with the enemy, but it's a good read!


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