Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Renne jump on the Fifa Bandwagon!

It's been all go this week on English football, Platini will be rubbing his hands together. It's coincidental it's three French clubs that have caused trouble for the premier league! City have apparantly been reported by Renne over the deal to sign defender Jérémy Hélan ( who looks a very good player!)
Manchester City were drawn into the threat of a transfer window ban last night, as the French club Rennes declared that their signing of the prodigious young defender Jérémy Hélan had been unlawful and presented a more clear-cut case for reprisals from Fifa than Chelsea's move for Gaël Kakuta.

Hélan, now 17, who captained the French Under-16 side a year before Kakuta and is another product of the nation's famed INF Clairefontaine academy, was a player Manchester United wanted to buy in 2008 before the French club dug in their heels over his departure. City then moved in, to the indignation of the Ligue 1 side, who insist that Hélan's pre-contract agreement, which he signed as a 13-year-old, tied both the player and the club to a contract if he represented France at youth level.

Chelsea have been severely punished for their deal with Gaël Kakuta, Lens had made a complaint at the time of the deal, which has only come to fruition now. But why has it then, taken Renne 6/7 months to complain or indeed Le harve with United, it suggests to me at least that these teams are jumping on the recent media to gain more income! Or perhaps we truely are at fault!

It was then that City moved in – without any contact according to Dreossi, who insisted yesterday that the ITC provided by the French football federation for the player was delivered in error. The player arrived at City in February.

This in particular bothers me and may be a potential flaw in the Lens complaint with Chelsea as well. City, it states received the international trade certificate (ITC) which suggest the deal was cleared correctly! If it was in fact delivered in error, can the blame be put on city, but instead surely on the French football federation and Renne!

I don't know enough to comment sufficiently, i can only speculate. But i think allot more will come of this int he coming weeks, more complaints from French clubs and legal challenges. I think the chelsea deal will also be reopened if they present a legal case, which they should do! It all looks a bit of a mess! I'd prefer it if we didn't have a transfer ban!

City have denied offering inducements to player this morning on BBC radio Manchester!
City told BBC Radio Manchester that no inducements were offered to Helan to break a contract with Rennes and that the transfer was totally legal.

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