Monday, 14 September 2009

Life Sentence for Adebayor!

Patrick Barclay from the times has finally come up with a fair opinion on the matter, not the vast over reaction in the public hanging of Adebayor! We know the Fa will buckle under any media pressure ban him more than needed!

At the end of a beautiful yet bestial weekend that epitomised what is right and wrong with elite English football, we could not celebrate the glorious exuberance of matches such as those won by the Manchester clubs without acrimoniously debating side issues featured on television, notably the dismissal at White Hart Lane of Paul Scholes, which Sir Alex Ferguson and others deemed harsh, and the continued presence of Emmanuel Adebayor on the City of Manchester Stadium pitch after his boot drew blood from the face of an outraged Robin van Persie.

In some quarters of the moral maze, this was not the worst of Adebayor’s afternoon and the apology he made in front of the cameras concerned his expression of joy and relief after scoring a crucial goal for City against Arsenal. That he ran, ignoring missiles, to face the visiting fans who had spent most of the previous season at the Emirates Stadium abusing him was stupid and undignified, no doubt, but I thought this a relatively trivial matter.

Fans lose their right to be offended when they go on the offensive. If they cannot take it — these miserable products of a sick society who consider a player’s family fair game for the vilest insults and yet, because of their numbers, are allowed to continue to serve as football’s audience — they should not give it. Adebayor did say sorry and the implication that he will take care not to repeat an offence for which he was rightly shown a yellow card by Mark Clattenburg should be the end of the matter.

The Van Persie incident was different. The Dutchman accused his erstwhile colleague of a “mindless and malicious stamp” that might have endangered an eye and Clattenburg, when he is shown the video, is expected to confirm that he would have shown Adebayor a red card had he discerned it. This, under the FA’s simplistic disciplinary rules, renders Adebayor liable to a three-match suspension. Thus the same punishment would be applied as if Van Persie had merely had his shirt tugged while running through on goal.

But the rights and wrongs are a lot more complicated than that. Check the video again and you will see that the challenge by Van Persie that preceded Adebayor’s dig was itself a red-card candidate. As was the potentially leg-breaking assault, masquerading as a tackle, for which Scholes was shown his first yellow card against Tottenham Hotspur.

Van Persie is also culpable for shouting profenities at the city fans after he scored, but that hasnt been deemed worthwhile to print in the media! Lets not forget this is the same RVP who kicked FC Thun player in the face, or elbowed Keiran Richardson without punishment or vilification in the press!

Hughes has come out also in defence of Adebayor.
“Emmanuel Adebayor sustained a tremendous amount of personal abuse from the kick-off but strongly maintains that there was no malice intended in the challenge on Robin Van Persie and apologised to him when he hugged him on leaving the field of play at the end of the game.

“The referee had a great view of the challenge from Ade and the one that preceeded it by Van Persie and deemed at the time that neither were worthy of either a yellow or red card.

RVP press statement was a pre meditated move to put Adebayor in the dock, it was in far too much detail for a man who was facing the ground when the incident took place! Adebayor will get a deserved ban, but i hope Arsenal will be punished and RVP for their part in spoiling what was a great victory for a weakened city side!


Anonymous said...

We need to get it known in the media that RVP swore at City supporters when he scored. This has been completelyover looked and puts a completely different perspective on things. Also we need to let the media know that many Arsenal fans were singing THAT song to Adebayor throughout and that racial slurs CAN in some way explain Adebayor's actions that afternoon. This has all been missed by the media in their witch hunt but if blues can somehow get these things in the public forum then it might change the public perception of events and led to a more balanced punishment for Adebayor. I felt sorry for the guy, he was treated like *** all afternoon by Arsenal players and fans and when he finally retaliated he has been treated like **** all over again. I don't think the media and public would be like this with him if he was white and/or English. Just my opinion

Scragg said...

Hi mate,

Just added News of the Blues to my "City sites worth a look" roll.

Love the blog and keep up the good work and I hope we can form a partnership in the future


newsoftheblues said...

Cheers Lloyd I was here last year but gave up for a few reasons! I've been reading your blog for a bit now, some great articles! City blogs have been great this season!

Anonymous said...

You've given an entirely biased and misguided representation of the facts.

The reality is...
Adebayor was a substitute at Monaco, when he was bought by Arsenal. He was nutured by Arsene Wenger with the other young players he played alongside for 4 years (such as Van Persie & Fabregas). After his one good season of 30 goals, he demanded Thiery Henry's wages and his agent attempted to set up transfers to Barcelona & AC Milan.
The following season after doubling his wages... Adebayor was back to his absent, lazy, wasteful self.

If you watch the whole game, Adebayor was warming up in Arsenal's half of the pitch, refused to even recognise Van Persie when they shook hands, and deliberately stamped on Fabregas' leg and Van Persie's face.

What a truely respectful and decent gentleman, love by club & country ( &