Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Lescott Deal Done?

We await the announcement from the OS tonight, but the Telegraph have shot head and have been 1st to claim that the deal is finally complete after 24 hour legal discussion over payments.
City had hoped to unveil Lescott officially at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, but talks relating to fees owed as a result of negotiations resulted in the planned unveiling being shelved.

Manager Mark Hughes is now due to hold a press conference on Wednesday lunchtime, however, alongside Lescott and free transfer signing Sylvinho.

I will be keeping an eye out for the SSN yellow bulletin bar for confirmation!

Allot has been discussed and written about with the transfer deal, but the deal being finalised will come as relief for City, so we can get on with our business! I have been reading all day that City have over paid for Lescott, but i disagree. The fee is indeed large, but his value to the club is very high! Having a left sided centre back is of vast importance, we never replaced Distin! He is a top quality player, who can play numerous roles, grab a goal and hopefully form a great partnership with Kolo. City fans could become blasé over the fee's paid for players with our wealth, but we have needed to take these expensive strides to establish our selves as a threat in the league! The club have had to find a balance in terms of fee we are willing to pay, knowing that it is certainly going to be over the odds. Were paying these fee's now will basically be cost effective if we our to be successful. The lescott deal is steep, but certainly worth it!


jackblue said...

All the Evertonedeaf fans think that Moyes has taken us for a ride. We'll see at the end of the season eh?

newsoftheblues said...

Moyes is worried because all the work he has done in previous season has quickly been undone, they cant compete squad wise..

Gavin Cooper said...

Lescott's at the stadium - they have just ordered a load of pizza's - the deal isn't done yet!

Theo said...

Maybe they couldn't decide on their domino's order? Lescott holding out all afternoon for a stuffed crust even though it isn't on a meal deal.

Anonymous said...

Burn in hell lescott you ugly, receding hairline, jew fro, sale out.

newsoftheblues said...

pleasant remarks there...!

the times, guardian are all reporting it as a done deal now