Monday, 24 August 2009

We've Got Sylvinho!

Hughes has snatched up ex Arsenal and Barcelona left back Sylvinho! I am very pleased with this signing, he was extremely impressive in last season Champions League final and will provide a great back up for Wayne Bridge! A well seasoned left back who has experience at the top level and importantly in the premier league! With the Lescott deal set to be complete any time today, City should now have a complete back line. Next step will be the departures!

Garrido is obviously one player who looks to be on his way out! Hughes decided to use Zabaleta at left back than rather pick him vs Barcelona! He will probably head back to Spain. Tal Ben Haim is another who should be on his way out, spent half of last season on loan, i wouldn't be too surprised if Blackburn make a move for him! And of course Richard Dunne, the legendary city centre back will now be marginalised by the imminent arrival of lescott, he has already stated his desire for 1st football before the World cup. He is sure to have a few suitors in the league.

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