Friday, 21 August 2009

Manchester City Vs Wolverhampton Wanderers: Sell Out!

The 1st home game of the season is hours away, i would be more excited if it wasn't for Sultanagate, but I'll cope! The other pies are meant to be pretty good.

After our good start at Blackburn, this is a great chance to kick off our Home form. Wolves are obviously a new side to the premier league this season and should be their for the beating. Mick McCarthy an ex-blue (before i was born) has already dismissed City's chances of top 4 season, but then who hasn't! It's something the team have to get used too, every opposing manager will seek to build pressure on city in the build up to games. Mick has tasted the premier league before, but also tasted failure with Sunderland, so expect his side to be well organsised and full of effort! They perhaps lack quality in depth, but they will be buoyed by their 1st win of the season midweek.

After the confidence boosting win at the Camp Nou on Wednesday, expect to see a city side in full spirit backed by a sell out crowd (despite the balti pies). Tevez has declared he is ready to play, so hopefully he can partner Adebayor if both are fit, Bellamy likely to be the fall guy!

Is Hughes likely to field the same tactic that he used away from home? With the squad available, he has numerous options open to him. Hughes has to get used to squad rotation. Martin Petrov staked his claim on Wednesday, Nigel De Jong has yet to feature after an impressive international appearance for Holland. It's going to be interesting to see who eventually fall into our best 11.

Fink Tank Predictor

The prediction for tomorrow is 3-0 to city, very confident! As with the Blackburn game, i am going against the Fink tank as city's new side changes the whole balance, previous form can be ignored.

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Anonymous said...

U never know if city will win cause we was predicted to lose against wigan but we won

James said...

Come on wanderes we can win tommorow !!!!!!!!

newsoftheblues said...

we are looking strong and full of confidence

should be a good game wolves all the promoted sides this season hae come to play football which is a nice change.

just depends on how robust your side will be all season....

Rich said...

Gary Cook wants us fans to banish the "Typical City" attitude so tomorrow has got to be the start of the team to start banishing it for us... on paper it should be a 2-0 or 3-0 but just look at Burnley the other night - things are never that straight forward - just hope tomorrow night we aren't saying "Typical City" :-)

newsoftheblues said...

your right of course rich, but i said last game... 1 nill up so early at blackburn, we usually lose those, last season we certianly would have. But i feel with the added leadership (excluding dunne) in the side and expereince hopefully we have a bit more character and guts... the ability to grind out wins is a mark of a top side.

i think were 1 or 2 sigings short of a top quality side, but were pretty much there... We have more than enough attacking power to brreak down the most organised of sides, so tomorrow should be a continuation from what we started last week.

Ambient said...

In fairness, Mick McCarthys "dismissal", of our chances amounted to an acknowledgement, that it was unrealistic, to expect all our new players to "bed in" sufficiently quickly to guarantee a top four place.

I thought he actually took some of the heat off of City and Mark Hughes. His comments were positive rather than the usual jealous and bitter comments, one tends to get from bacon face and his groupies.

Rich said...

1-0 win at home....Typical City :-)

I can get use to that