Sunday, 16 August 2009

Pride comes before a fall: Moyes!

David Moyes recently blasted the 'disgraceful' bullying tactics of Mark Hughes over the desire to sign Lescott from Everton. It's a bizarre complaint from a manager who has done himself or his team no favours with this arrogant stance. Moyes has made it all about himself,
I make the decisions, they have not talked to me and the player has been consistently told he is not for sale.
I'm not sure the board will agree with him. His complaint being Hughes didn't ring him up over the transfer deal,but instead got in touch with the powers that be in the Everton hierarchy, as in modern football, managers don't do the negotiating it's done by professional at the club ie, Garry Cook and co...Hughes has stated this in public, city went through the right channels making a bid for Lescott which we and any one else are in their right to do, it's now clear the player wants to leave Everton. It was in fact Everton who made the deal public on their website, so it astounds me where Moyes feels it right to label the clubs dealings as 'disgraceful' or 'lacking in respect.' There has been no tapping up, no underhand dealing, City simply approached Everton for a player during the 'Transfer Window.'

£20 million is roughly what is on the table for Everton if they cash in on Jolean, who is only worth about half of that. It simply doesn't present good business for Everton if Moyes digs his heels in to simply get one over city, while retaining a unhappy player in the squad that upsets the morale and balance of side. He could use that cash wisely to reinforce before the window close with several players. Yesterdays result with come as a huge psychological blow for Everton, we can only speculate if recent events influenced the side, but it's surely not worth keeping a player who does not want to be there.

Roberto Martinez came with a measured response to the exit of Lee Cattermole from Wigan
The fee is a good one, it is far more than the club paid for him last year and the third highest in Wigan's history.

The speculation about Lee has refused to go away over the last few weeks and this has been very unsettling for him and for our players.

It became clear over the past days having spoken to Lee that he wanted to leave and it is very disruptive to the group when a player is clearly unhappy,

Moyes could learn a thing or two from Martinez....


Anonymous said...

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tommytheblue said...

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Anonymous said...

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Paul said...

Actually, if you check back, there are stories naming Manchester City sources in the media saying that Hughes wants Lescott in January of 2009

Anonymous said...

GREAT article. Moyes is an anti-footballing cunt and ugly bastard. Everton are a shit scouse club who all rummage in bins and eat shit. Now let's take Lescott off this shitty and insignificant 'club' of thieves....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

moyes should throw his toys back in the pram grow up ,accept the fact one of his players wants to leave. if he is clever enough and takes the money he might not have to be told who the boss is and maybe keep his job the arrogant ba***rd

Anonymous said...

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Bob Dylon said...

i just wish Moyes would stop firing Sir Alex's Bullets, you can almost hear the jock twats talking on the phone daily like two nosey neighbours about the Blonde Bird who's just moved in across the street. Just get over it boys, times they are achanging... errrr... is my tea ready yet mum?

Anonymous said...

Liverpool the Kapital of Kulture ? Only to a DHSS supported population. It was ignored by the civilised world.
The only established class's in the Premier are the cosy top four protected by Champions League money and the cosy media fawning from Sky.
To believe that your poverty striken over achieving outfit are looked on as a top club, instead of the middle group you really are shows a typical scouse attitude at odds with reality.
In the real world you are looked on a as a brutish long ball outfit and laughed at for it.
The chairman a failed actor whose career highlight was a brief run in Corination St aching to sell you clowns off to the first buffoon to part with hard cash.
Moyes a player with no medals and a medieval approach to management looks to have lost the dressing room with his childish handling the transfer.
Too stupid to realise that the other players now see him for the arrogant jock dictator most small men try to be.