Monday, 22 March 2010

How to solve a problem like Wright-Phillips?

A Contract row between SWP and the City execs has been the focus of recent press reports. The perennial loudmouth Ian Wright, made high profile allegations in the Sun highlighting SWP thoughts and feelings on the matter. Sadly recent performances, including last night, show SWP to be a player vastly out of form and certainly not deserving a starting spot let alone a new contract.

Comeback Legend
On his return, SWP had been greeted by many city supporters with open arms, back when he made his comeback in 2008. City lacked in creative attacking options and former City winger, who was having a difficult time at Stamford Bridge, seemed to be perfect fit. In his first appearance, he scored 2 goals against Sunderland.

But when new signing came in in summer transfer window, an increase in competition saw SWP role diminish and as his niggling injuries continued, he seemed to lose his rhythm and ability to get past a defender. Although we have seen some bright patches from SWP, goals and assist wise, he hasn't looked in great form.

With the signing of promising winger Adam Johnson in the January Window, SWP has slipped down the pecking order. Johnson has shown better form, creativity and success going forward. It looks as though he will continue to stuggle to compete for a starting role, if last nights performance was anything to go by.

Uncertain Future
In the current system, Mancini likes to put wingers at the weaker side. This perhaps hasn't been very popular amongst blues, as players such as shaun and indeed petrov are not really able enough to do the job. But if the player is both footed, like Johnson, it's a great deal more productive. With Bellamy on the opposite flank, they can cut in on full backs, create and score goals.

Therefore, under this circumstance, Wright-Phillips should not be in the press asking for more money, but working his socks off to earn his spot back. There is a great deal at stake for SWP, his immediate future is about getting into Capello's World Cup squad, money quibbles with 2 years left on a current deal is simply a distraction we don't need. We need SWP on full form, for his goals and assists, it's time for him to really perform.

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