Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tactical Triumph for Mancini!

Unfortunately I was not able to see the Fulham match on Sunday, hence the lack of match reports. But I did manage to catch the extended highlights of what appeared to be the most complete performance we have seen under Mancini! ( Although i wasn't too impressed with the MOTD coverage which showed the game to be much closer than it actually was!)

What i felt Mancini got right, was the inclusion of a revitalised Vieira over the ferocious De Jong. This move allowed the midfield to change focus. Neither players are 'defensive mids' as some would have you believe! Both clever players, lacking in pace, but able to create with good passing and general reading of the game! We didn't altogether dominate the middle, but we had the quality in possession to make the difference!

With two players on the wing, equally able to cut in or run the line, it makes City's offensive threat extremely hard to defend against. Opposition full backs through out the league will struggle to deal with a player who can take the ball both ways!

Another plus point would be RSC, who luckily only had cramp last match, and not another injury! TLDORC has some good analysis on RSC role in the game and interesting comparison with Adebayor (who is still banned!) Ade tends to drift out wide, and often leaves us without a target in the box, as Tevez sits deep and plays off him. So having service on the flanks becomes almost redundant. But RSC is a natural target man, and as shown with his goal, has the instinct, to be in box at the right time . He provides a real focal point for the attack, and has the ability beyond a lot of big target men, to play people in, or score himself!

Mancini has been juggling the side around, looking for a perfect formula, but he has been interrupted with injuries and suspensions. He has had to adapt quickly and often change things in game, something which he appears to do well. But I think this latest squad we will be one Mancini will use a great deal more of in the next few weeks. Starting with our revenge date Everton on Wednesday! It's balanced, good attacking threat but also solid, a promising sign in our battle for fourth spot!


Chris Naylor said...

I watched the full match. The first half city was all over them. Second we had a lot of chances to score but missed. Fulham played much better at times in the 2nd half. The pen shouldn't have been one. But in the 89th min they should have had a pen for Handball. So it did work out for Fulham in the end.
We need to put our chances away. We could have had 6 easy goals and misses. In the end we were lucky to end 2-1.

thomas said...

hi chris

i didn't think the kompany handball was a pen, his arm was down and behind him, you cant give that! wasn't convinced by the 1st either.

City did have plenty of chances, and i think continuing with this side, will improve our chances, get rsc into form and develop the relationship between strikers and wingers.

Everton will be a tougher opposition, but we are a better side and have a great home record.