Friday, 26 March 2010

Transfer Report from produced 2009 summer transfer market grade report today, which I was about to upload. In general, I agree with their mark. Here are the grades they gave:

Gareth Barry: C
Carlos Tevez: A
Roque Santa Cruz: D
Emmanuel Adebayor: C+
Kolo Toure: B
Joleon Lescott: C
Sylvinho: B-
Patrick Vieira: D
Adam Johnson: B+

I agreed with Barry, RSC and Manu's grade. Barry seemed an excellent capture for City as he has been playing well for Villa and he would improve City's midfield, where they lacked past 2 years. However, he was not the player City expected to be. Slow, lack of creativity, narrow vision...... It looked as if he has been playing in old City fashion for quite some time. In general, his performance has been indifferent for me. Grade: C/D

RSC was a risky purchase, especially at the price of £25m. Ever since he started to play football in Europe, the series of injuries bothered him and this has been main factor that he wasn't rated high, despite his huge talent. He had one good season in Blackburn but that was about it. Shouldn't have bought him after all and I think it was the worst transfer deal Hughes had done during his regime. Grade: C/D

Adebayor lost his way in Arsenal under Wenger. His bad relationship with Benthner seemed as exit of Emirate stadium was imminent and, unexpectedly, City snatched him up. Result? Goals were coming until his exuberant goal ceremony against Arsenal. But after his suspension, he seemed a bit lost his form a bit and his problem with ankle stopped his goal coming, only 2 goals before the African Cup of Nations. Then accident in Africa forced him to have compassionate leave, which took a few weeks for him to make himself available to play for the team again. 3 goals in 3 games when he came back but since then no goal from him. Grade B/C

Tevez's arrival at Eastland was sensational. Everyone knew it was great signing, simply because he was from Utd and he was integral part of squad, who won EPL title last season. Although he had slow start, it didn't take him long to score his first goal for City and apart from his compassionate leave in February, he has been the most consistent threatening player in the squad. Grade A+

Toure was an odd signing. The player was clearly in downhill from his career but for some reasons, Hughes signed him to strengthen the troublesome defense. He started the season with captaincy and played well until the African Cup of Nations. After he came back with injury, he lost his form a bit and struggling to find his spot in the team sheet, as Kompany did excellent job while he was away. Captain Toure? Well City need better captain than him. Grade B/C

Lescott, at first, I thought he was one season wonder and with playing style, I expected him to struggle a bit: I was half right. He struggled a bit, as he did not have any pre-season training with Toure and he seemed unsettled time to time on the pitch. However, he got better and him and Kompany combination looked more solid than with Toure as his partner. He certainly has future in City shirt. Grade B

Sylvinho signed for experience by Hughes and he seemed to be doing good job of covering Bridge so far. Lack of pace and physical ability is covered by his vast experience of playing football. Grade C

January transfer market was quite odd for City. It was thought by many speculators that Mancini will buy big but it didn't turn out to be that way, signing just two players, Vieira and Johnson, both with relatively cheap price.

Vieira, signed early in the transfer market, was seemed as absurd signing. He was not Vieira, who played in Arsenal's unbeaten squad, but out of flavour and diminishing star, who is looking at the finishing line of his glorious career. Mancini had different view on him. He thought City lacked winning mentality and needed veteran midfielder to enhance their chance to get into 4th place in the league. Without any cost, other than extravagant wage, City got him for free and so far, he seemed to be getting better by each match. Grade C

AJ was a surprising signing for City. Playing well against City in the 3rd round of FA Cup, he seemed to catch Mancini's eyes and dramatically, on the last day, he was signed at the last minute of the winter transfer market. His home debut against Bolton, when he won penalty against Robinson, and away match against Sunderland proved that he is a rising young talent. City are lucky to sign him with relatively cheap price. Grade B/A

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