Thursday, 19 February 2009

FC Copenhagen 2:2 Manchester City: Typical City.

An unconvincing performance tonight. City flattered at times, but failed to show any real quality in the final third. Another poor showing at the back meant we failed to capitalise on some poor defending.

Our first goal was extremely fortunate. The goalkeeper made a serious error to which gave Nedum his second goal for city. Amusing at the time, but considering it was one of our best chances on goal, highlights our lack of quality in the final third. The Second goal, taken competently by Steven Ireland, but was again made easier by poor defending and a rare good ball from SWP.

We created a few other chances, but poor finishing let us down and we eventually paid the cost through typical city defending. The return of Dunne clearly didn't do us any favours, there seemed to be a competition at the back of who could make the most errors in 90 mins. Both goals coming from set pieces raises the question about what we are actually doing in training. Two free headers is very poor.

Bellamy spent most of the game off side whilst Robinho dipped in and out of the game. I am worried about our home form if he continues to fail to find the net. He has been vital to our home form this season, we can't afford that to end. The lack of substitutions worried me. We have a big game on Sunday and we were not playing particular well. Gronkjaer came on and caused us problems at the back, we didn't adjust to this new threat.

Overall i am generally happy because we have the away goal and a draw was pretty much as i expected. An improvement on the Portsmouth performance isn't surprising as it couldn't get much worse. We are in a good position to beat them at home and have an advantage.

Not sure where this leaves us for Sunday.


Gary Nolan said...

I nearly went for typical City in my headline lol, but i am still trying not to use that phrase so it helps towards it becoming stamped out.

As we have come to expect rubbish again tonight, theres not much more to say on the matter.

As for certain players they just are not playing to their level mainly SWP, for me his influence is so important on our team and its none exsistent at the moment.

Anonymous said...

2-2 I would have taken that before the match given our away results.
Our home form will see us through.
Stop talking us down, so help me I was at the Gillingham match 0-2 down and 120 seconds on the clock left with tears rolling down my face.
Enjoy the moment we have moved forward so far and still some whining persists
We are not world beaters yet but 10 years from now ....
We are stumbling and need talking up, the whole bloody international media and every clown who wants his name in print insults us.
Close ranks and enjoy the ride it may be a little uncertain at times but that's City The Football Club its part of the Lady's charm.