Friday, 27 February 2009

Manchester City v FC Copenhagen: City hit the Mark!

So it's back to Denmark in the next round to play Champions League drop-outs Aalborg who stuffed Deportivo in both of their tie.

Ticket's On Sale as from 9am today!
UEFA Cup – Round of 16 (First Leg)
MCFC v Aalborg Thursday 12th March 2009
Venue – City of Manchester Stadium
Kick Off – 7.45pm

The result tonight was a pleasing one and a convincing performance to compliment. Today saw the resurgence of the unfairly maligned Brazilian star Robinho. He simply is brilliant in full force. The manner and style in which he reads the game is beyond most premier league players ability! He was unlucky tonight not to score, but generally had a hand in all that was good tonight and set up a goal.
Bellamy was good tonight, caught off-side too often, perhaps unfairly on occasion. But Off-sides are no bad thing, they show an intent and your more likely to win from having for off-sides than corners! We perhaps rely too much on the quite crude tactic of knocking the ball long in hope that Bellamy pace will enable him to get on the ball, i don't want to see it all the time, but tonight it got us a goal and can't really be complained about.

Steven Ireland does seem to the Off-side gene, he doesn't understand the rules and was often found waving his arms around in the off-side position tonight. Look up Stevie! Micah Richards also struggles with basics, why he failed to make a throw in, 3 times in one game is madness. I'd have him in training tomorrow doing nothing but throw-ins!

Solid performance from the midfield today. Kompany wasn't given the same licence as he had at anfield to get forward, instead he sat back and enjoyed controlling the middle with Mad Pab!

The defence gave a decent display, a few errors here and there. Dunne let Ailton slip a few times, but was pretty comfortable. More amusing was his trip north was spoilt by the off-side flag. Richards gave a more improved performance going forward today played some good balls into the attackers. Bridge, I am still weary about. I am conscious he hasn't really played football for a long time. But his defensive skills are dodgy at the moment and his final ball was less than convincing today.

The 1st half was average. We looked to make life difficult for ourselves and struggled to make an impact. Bellamy chance hitting the post the main positive from the half. We came out in the 2nd more confident and assured and gradually improved. Only a defensive lapse at the end spoilt a decent result.

The fan's from Copenhagen were very entertaining tonight. Loud through out, some good English chants thrown in as well, shame city fan's are not that bothered about a rare Uefa cup run.

West Ham next, hopefully the catalyst of a good performance has got city going for the rest of the season. The talk of changing room unrest hasn't helped, Bellamy and Robinho performed in a very professional manner tonight. Even if only three players congratulated Craig on his 1st goal and a forced bug uncomfortable hug for second with Robinho gave me a slight worry. I only hope they keep up their performances on pitch and leave the rest to the tabloids.

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Gary Nolan said...

Thank god, I thought I was the only one who can see how poor Bridge is.

As for the piece about the fans not being bothered, I could not agree more, I dont know where they get to but it certainly isn't to Eastlands.