Thursday, 5 February 2009

SWP set to feature Vs Boro!

The FA have given City an extension on their appeal on SWP violent conduct charge. The club now have Monday 11am to submit their evidence. Hughes was quite outspoken in today's press conference with Shay Given. His complaint was aimed at the amount of time the FA took over deciding to charge SWP, considering they wasted little time to clear Lampard. Hughes would be left waiting to hear the outcome of appeal before picking his side on Saturday, which is simply unfair.

He also complained, like me about the severity of the charge. Delap gets a three game for kicking SWP twice, why should Shaun also get three games for a much less severe offence, which was born out being provoked.

So SWP is free to play this weekend, which is great news regardless of what ban he will eventually get.

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