Saturday, 14 February 2009

Portsmouth 2:0 Manchester City: Poor showing!

Keep it short today as I'm still too angry!

Know one played well today, we were flat had no tempo and struggled to create anything of value in 90 mins. Robinho was awful today, he didn't look interested and that worries me and I'm sure it will worry the owners. The midfield didn't function today, Elano started out left and then moved right, Ireland started out right then moved into the middle. It looked confused and led to some poor performances from out attacking players. Bellamy looked pretty redundant on his own, his final ball was often poor today. The quality of passing today was very poor, lost count the amount of times Elano lobbed the ball up to the only man up the field, funny enough they rarely worked.

Clumsy defending again let us down. Logan looked inexperienced and struggled generally with Nugent, who doesn't look any better than Jon Macken. We treated Crouch like berbatov today, standing off him and letting him dribble. Very poor showing generally. The second goal came far too easily, no marking at set pieces again. Bridge looks poor in defence and his mistake cost us another goal, Johnson was able to get two shots on goal.

Very poor result, continuing our woeful away record. It created intense pressure on Hughes, there is certainly a prevailing air of discontent surrounding the club at the moment with fans and players. This is not an acceptable result!


Wigan Blue said...

6 - 0 at home against essentially the same team. But this was Hughes' own team as against Sven's leavings. Do you think we're a 'work in progress'?

Or a team that is going backwards?

tommytheblue said...

to be fair to Hughes he still had to pick three players from the old team, must be hard for him. Another 100 million will set us right.

we are getting worse

Gary Nolan said...

Absolute rubbish, i cant believe how bad we are and Hughes is standing by and doing sod all.

Wayne Bridge has got to go, people are still saying give him time and he is not fit well if thats the case tough you cant mess about at prem level, Garrido was playing far better and was also getting better with each game.

I honestly cant see Hughes being our manager next season, saying that if we get beat in both our next league games i would be suprised if he was not sacked.

I am worried also about the Uefa cup slipping away from us now, we should have been looking at goin through the next 2 rounds by rights, but with Hughes knowing nothing about tactics it will be harder than first thought.