Saturday, 21 February 2009

Liverpool Vs Manchester City: Preview

Difficult challenge tomorrow! Of course our away form will fill most of the discussions. But i hope the challenge of playing a Big, football playing side will motivate the team and produce a performance deserving of our support.

Our Uefa form does not seem to translate across to league form. The midweek game wasn't the best performance, but certainly an improvement on what we have produced this year. We were still calamitous at the back and failed to capitalise in the final third.

SWP is suspended for some bizarre reason, but Richard Dunne returns. So i am hoping Hughes will either give a chance to Felipe Caicedo upfront or see Zabaleta move to the right wing, which he has played before. Kompany retains his midweek role in the midfield and Dunne returns to the defence.

This is a game that we shouldn't expect anything from, that's why i am hoping we can pull something out of the bag. We have a horrible record Vs Liverpool. The Fink Tank predicts only 12.1% chance of winning and only 19.2% of a draw. Not a promising statistic.

Highest odds on a 2-0 loss. I hope otherwise!


Gary Nolan said...

I have the same feelings as you, if you can't be motivated to play Liverpool at Anfield there is something wrong.

We need to make sure Torres gets a dig early on, and he also needs man marking followed by a few more digs.

We have not got to worry about Gerrard driving on from midfield so looking after Torres should be easier because there is not a main second threat as such.

Bodhi said...

Benitez wants more power in the same way as Alex Fergusion has.
At Liverpool, the manager manages
the team but someone else has the
final say to buy players. I think
the stupid Geogrge Gilletts and Rick Parry need some lessons in football: if your fucking money is not enough to buy better players like United, don't dream to win the premier title. Fergusion gets every player he wants, but Rafa doesn't at Liverpool. How do the two Fucking Americans dream of winning the title then? I feel sympathetic with Rafa. I agree if he moves to a better club like Real Madrid even though I am one of the kops for almost two decades.