Monday, 29 December 2008

Blackburn 2:2 Manchester City. Robinho draws city level.

A bit late...

Well i wanted 3 points, disappointed we didn't get them, but with the manner of the result, i will certainly take a draw.

Poor midfield performance mainly from ireland, swp and robinho. Ireland was awful yesterday which was sup rising, his passing was poor, swp should of scored but otherwise failed to live up to his high standards. Robinho drifted for most of the game and missed an easy chance in the 1st half, but i was delighted to see him get the ball in the box, he was never going to miss.
I thought elano and kompany endeavoured to get the game going, both misfired with some passes, but elano showed himself to be much more robust and created two cracking chances with his vision.

Credit goes to Danny Sturridge another Young star who has staked his claim again for a spot in the squad, i would of liked him to partner big Felipe upfront as it could be quite successful. It was sturridge who changed the game and saved the game...

The defence again was and is a problem. Ball is simply not good enough and can't cope with even the weakest of attacks, I'm not sure what garrido did to warrant losing his place, but he was certainly out performing ball. Dunne was caught for both goals, with a nutmeg and poor headed clearance, he again showed that he is easily bullied by big strikers. Onouha is simply too injury prone, i think his city career is near an end, despite his potential, he hasn't been able to string 5 games together. Pablo Zabaleta again is the only defender who has been reliable this season. He has been a rock this season. his crossing wasn't the best but he still stuck at it and tried to give options in attack.

Joe Hart distribution is becoming a problem, we lose too much possession because of him. He doesn't look like a goalkeeper who can win games. He needs to be sat on the bench and watch buffon or given show him how it's done.

Considering how poor we were before Christmas, i am happy to take 4 from 6. Hughes has pulled it out of the bag and built the teams confidence for January. We are being linked with everyone from the distinctly average scott Parker and Craig Bellamy to the underachieving big headed right midfielder David Bentley. It's important that hughes buys the right people, bellamy shouldn't be one of them! There is an obsession in the press linking us with every striker under the sun. Bellamy some how falls into that category despite the fact that he rarely scores. City score enough goals, the striker problem can wait until we solve the misgivings at the back. Our midfield needs enforcing, the likes of senna could fit in easily (he is of course Brazilian!, although his age may be against him.

It will be interesting to see how quickly we do business in January, knowing city it won't run smoothly, but hopefully with our economic power we can really do some damage in 2009!

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