Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Manchester City news round-up.

Bitter and Blue has an interesting article on city seeking out a new sponsor, mainly Etihad the Abu Dhabi based airline. A move that would see city rival the likes of Arsenal with Emirates and United with the economically unstable AIG. This will be another large step for the club to compete on the world stage.

Two interesting articles in the M.E.N, firstly Mark Bowen has come out to slam reports that Hughes was ready to walk, due to interference from the ADUG board. The sun is mainly responsible, most discerning fan will ignore anything written in that paper.

The next article really irritated me. Mark Hughes believes Vassell is the right man for the job.
He is doing a job for the team and maybe some people, though not the players or myself, are not appreciating what he is doing for the team as a whole."

In my opinion, it appears hughes is having a little dig at the fans, who have shown their annoyance in Hughes persistence to pick vassell. He offer very little to the team apart from work rate. He may well track back, but he's not even good at that, his tackling is poor and often leads to giving away a foul. I believe he's a player who's simply redundant in skill and ability, he simply isn't premier league standard, I'm sure there will be a few who disagree, but I'm sure i wont be convinced otherwise.

Here is a link from the poster below from his correspondent at ESPN about Vassell and his impact on the team and results.

The Final article i found interesting was from yesterday, Vital football believe they have a scoop, they have stated city may have started preliminary talks with Eto'o's representatives to bring him to City. Obviously it's another rumour, but i do enjoy reading some of the big names linked with a move to city, hopefully we will buy some top quality in January.


Wallace said...

don't make a habit of plugging my own blog, in this case on Soccernet, over here but you might find my latest of relevance to the Vassell discussion. In 54 games since the start of last season when Vassell starts City have won 6... (and he's started 26 times)

tommytheblue said...

cheers wallace, interesting read, he really shouldnt be playing, he simply removes an attacking threat from the side.