Saturday, 6 December 2008

Fulham 1:1 Manchester City: Average sides, boring football.

We truly are an average side. The defending from the city side is pathetic at best, considering we have some highly rated stars in our side we look like a side that should be drawing 1-1 with Fulham.

Once again Hughes doesn't pick Jo and persists with the inept Vassell and the rather basic Benjani. Once again Hughes decides to utilise Ched Evans, who can only get a game because of his nationality and nothing else. He is a young player who clearly isn't good enough, i wonder what the likes of Jo and Caicedo must think, both vastly more experienced and better players.

This will certainly dismiss any false confidence gained from beating a miss firing schalke and demoralised and heavily weakened Arsenal. We haven’t improved from last season, despite adding several players at high prices, there are still too many weak links in our side, Richard Dunne is one of them. Tal Ben-Haim may not be everyone’s favourite defender but his past few performances have already shown his quality compared to the calamitous Dunne, who couldn't handle second rate striker Zamora.

The midfield is far too weak, for all of Hamann ability and class, he is simply too old and doesn't have the ability to keep up with the game, Kompany works far too hard, he had a mixed game today, but we would be far worse without him. Ireland shouldn't be out on the left, he was pretty woeful today, he may be out of position but that doesn't excuse his poor passing. Wright-phillips didn't look fit and I’m not a fan of him in that position, he is far more effective down the right, as he was against united, he gave a left goo left back a torrid time. Vassell for all his effort and forest gump like running adds nothing to the side, he remains the thorn, and the sooner he is rid of the better.

Benjani is a poacher, but he sure has a poor 1st touch, it amazes me, how often his 1st touch means he has to do something completely different, sometimes it works in his favour. I like Benjani, but he shouldn’t be leading the line for city.

Hart: some decent saves, difficult sun light, difficult to stop bullard shot. 7

Ball: Poor player, he won't last long, Garrido has really made that position his (until January) 5

Dunne: allowed Zamora too much freedom, caught out for the goal, some really poor clearances. Not good enough. 5

Ben Haim: Decent effort, one glaring error, allowing Zamora space, but otherwise covered for Dunne. 7

Zabaleta: His tackle our well times, but today his attacking ability was great, it's a shame when your right back is more threatening than your right midfield, but that was the case today. MOM 8

Hamann: Reliable, class act, but too slow, caught out.. 6

Kompany: some good tackles but got caught in possession a couple of times, good effort.6

Ireland: not in the game, bad passing did very little.5

Vassell: did very little, when he has the ball, turns back to goal, often loses possession, waste of space.4

Wright-Phillips: great effort, not on the ball today, hadn't trained in the week, looked tired. 6

Benjani: Good finish, poor 1st touch, didn't improve anything taking him off. 6

Ched Evans: poor. 2


Anonymous said...

This piece is nonsensical negative drivel. No mention of the horrific injury list (Robinho, Elano, Sturridge, Petrov, Johsnon, Fernandes, Bojinov, Richards, Etuhu & Garrido) which, to ignore, is to be completely dense. SWP should have played right and Jo should have played (anywhere) ahead of Benjani and Vassell, both of whom are useless. But the team is developing and two of our best players have been Hughes signings (Zab and Kompany). We cannot just go through managers every few months we don't produce consistent performances. City fans need to show patience and stop being so negative, as illustrated by the prat behind me yesterday shouting "Hughes is a Munich, get him out" (as if there was almost some form of conspiracy theory with an ex red in charge). Let's support the team, the manager and acknowledge that we had a dehabilitating injury list (which few teams could handle) against a team who got two goaless draws away at Villa and Liverpool. If we don't then what really separates us from Utd and other spoilt fans?

tommytheblue said...

Bollocks...yesterday was an example of a side waiting for the january window... we didnt go there to win and that showed...

your points raised our pathetically out of context, not once did i mention hughes should go, but i did menation his poor team selectio, we have better players waiting in the wing..

Face it, we were poot yesterday and have been all season, hughes may have improved the side, but were no better now than we were under stuart pearce.

The sooner jnauary comes the better, the likes of gelson, hamann, etuhu's are not good enough. we need some top quality midfielders who are not going to be brushed aside like stevie was yesterday.

i have mentioned earlier on in this blog, that hughes needs time and the chance to spend the millions.. but he can't contnue to pick vassell, we dont pay alot of money to watch our team try and draw a game of football.

Fulham were poor, we exposed them straight away, we were only let down by our own weakness at the back, we didnt look like we wanted to win and the decision to introduce evans meant we were less affective. Benjani for all his faults is a decent threat.