Friday, 19 December 2008

Hughes to move for the familiar.

It appears a move for Roque Santa Cruz is on the cards again for Hughes. I'm personally not a fan, it's allot of money to spend on one good season form, which he hasn't be able to sustain. He's scored 3 in 13 league performances this season. Benni McCarthy scored 18 goals in his 1st season, he has steadily scored less in two seasons campaign. I can mention similar dips in form for Gamst Pedersen. I'm yet to be convinced that Santa Cruz is a right target. Hughes has told us he doesn't want to be ripped off.

It appears Roque wants out of Blackburn, and of course Hughes is likely to go for whats worked for him before. He's a big target man, but he could be another big disappointment. This deal looks more plausible than David Villa for instance. I'm yet to be convinced, but I'm pretty certain he will be signed considering today's announcement. 17-18 mill for a striker that has averaged around 5 a season at top champion league side, crazy really.

We have drawn FC Copenhagen in UEFA cup, tldorc has a good summary on the draw.


Anonymous said...

Hughes, now beyond despite about our worst perfomance in years a place in the last 32 in europe.
Beyond what he has ever achieved in management as well.
A managerial style based on power and bully boy tactics at Blackburn.
Totally out of his depth in developing a football playing team and no tactical ability to inspire either.
Goodbye and Good riddance we will be in the bottom 3 by the end of January if not sooner so his threadbare abilities with a gifted team will be seen for what they are.

tommytheblue said...

who would you like to take over.

mourinho ( i wish)
schuster (may not be robinho's choice)

i think hughes is skating on thin ice, i wasn't a fan of blackburn, with him in charge, sam allerdyce is of a similar mould and achieved pretty much the same thing, funny that know one would touch untill blakcburn came along.

Football 足球 The language of the beautiful game said...

Santa Cruz is a target man who say like Quinn for example in his pomp or Heskey/Crouch will create a lot more goals for others with flicks and intelligence than he will score himself. When purple patches and then dips in form plateux you will find that he is a typical 1 in 3 centre forward at best and I think he could do well in partnership with a little fast player ala Villa, Owen, Bellamy who offset his aerial ability with pace, good finishing and a 1 in 2 or better strike rate in front of goal. I don't particularly like Bellamy as he comes across as a little twat but I respect his tenacious will to win, pace, nuisance value and added quality when compared to say Vassell. Perhaps Sturridge would fair better alongside a streetwise big man like Santa Cruz also instead of trying to second guess the likes of Jo, Benjani etc. With Santa Cruz players from midfield and the 2nd front man would benefit in the knowledge that he will win the majority or fair share of aerial challenges and so could gamble and anticipate his flicks. It's a position that needs addressing and if it costs 17million then so be it. Has Keane shown that he's worth 20m to Liverpool or likewise Berbatov at the scum for 30m or Shev when he was at Chelski - and two of these clubs that can barely afford to waste their money like we can to an extent.

I think he'd be a success because even from his general play you can tell he has class and he knows what its like to be expected to win each week after being at one of Europe's biggest club's. Apparently a lot of Bayern fans were sorry to see him go when he left for England - that's a pretty ringing endorsement considering he didn't score many goals. The worry is that one of the reasons he didn't score and play all that much in Germany apart from the obvious competition was because he kept getting injured. Let's hope all his bad injuries are behind him if he comes as I think he'll be top for us if he does. He is probably the most accomplished player of his type in the Premier League at the moment apart from Drogba possibly, and it would help Wrighty, Robbie, Studge, Ireland etc no end if we were to get him because they will be able to trust him to hold it up and play them in, and they in turn can provide the service with crosses etc.

Cpt Pattern said...

Will someone with some authority pleeaase put us out of our misery and show this man the door! Mcfc, the wealthiest football club on the planet - standing on the cusp of what could possibly be the finest era in our history...just the odd problem...the team last season which finished 9th (amid political problems which went far deeper than football - sorry Sven, you were made the scapegoat for that one)with 70mill extra spent on it doesn't have a shape any more - can't pass the ball any more, can't defend any more - basically just aren't up for it anymore. 18m for RSC!, BELLAMY!! good god! why dont we check availability on Barton, Diouf and Savage! nice little dream team for Mark there! My two dreaded matches to go to have always been Blackburn and Birmingham - because it was more a wrestling match than a football game...and here we are - he's about to revert to form and call in the cavalry to battle it out for him - the man is so one dimensional it's untrue...flair! technique!!, skill!! nah..don't need that rubbish - hustle and bustle will get the job done. There is a job going in Sunderland Mark - right up your street mate - take it, please!

tommytheblue said...

well i dont rate heskey, he is simply a lump, might aswell hire vaseel to carry a wall around the pitch to play the ball off.

robbie keane was never a goal scorer, he worked well with torres, who has missed large chunks this season. he is also vastly expereinced and proven over more than one season.
berbatov the same, proven type of player with excellent skill and ability..... they are gambles on players of great pedigree and depth in form.

im a big fan of german footy, roque was a alrgley dissapointing palyer despite his promise, bad injuries, but even when he had a seasons fitness he was never a goal scorer, i hughes is to persist with 1 up front, we need someone who can do a bit more than hold the ball up, you mention drogba, he is in a different league, his stength and ability is matched by his ferocious appetite for the goal.

Bellamy is an awful choice, hughes blames elano for being disruptive, well lets bring in a compelte tosser. He doesn;t score much and simply add a darren huckerby esq element to our side.

Sven had us playing cultured football , but the club was built on false dawns, thaksin political trouble and lack of cash meant, city were plagued with rumours, but at least the squad like the manager, and would offer to go on strike for him, effectvly threw tha last game at boro. (not great i know) But how can a man who alientates most of the team, be allowed and trusted to bring us into the future, garry cook wont want to sack him, becuase he was repsonsible for hring him.