Monday, 1 December 2008

Manchester City Vs Manchester United:Ronaldo vs Robinho - never happened.

Crap result in the end, pretty gutless response from city. United are obviously the better side, but that didn't excuse their Bolton style of play. Ironically taggart calls for protection on his prancing wimp cristiano, when the player who really needed protection was Shaun wright-phillips who he Scythed down by the petulant Portuguese winger, and rightfully got booked for it.

Basically Hughes got the side wrong, a false sense of confidence in a side that beat a demoralised and heavily weakened Arsenal and a win against a poor out of form schalke side, having real trouble in their own league. Vassell hasn't done anything in a city shirt worthwhile. I dont understand why he gets picked. Hamann is too slow and old. The defence looked far better with Kompany at the back and Zabaleta on the pitch. Dunne isn't the answer to anything, he may leave in January, i for one would be happy with that. I dont know why Chris bailey in the MEN sticks up for him. Garrido 1st half performance was troubled, but he was isolated. Diego Capel has said he is open to a move into the premier league, i would see that as a good player to sign. Wright-phillips is better out far right, he causes more problems for the defence, evra couldn’t handle him and resulted in fouling him. Elano should be playing; he is always looking for players moving, unfortunately yesterday, robinho and Steven Ireland didn't perform. Jo is a really good player; we took him from a side who regularly plays in the champion’s league, why does Hughes persist with Benjani.

Robinho was crap yesterday, he along with cristiano ronaldo, decided they didnt want to do much. Ronaldo's sending off meant little to united because he had done sod all. Apart from wimp out from a corner after the ball boy threw the ball in his face.


Hart: very poor. Distribution more often than not went to the opposition. His spill led to rooney's tap in. 5

Garrido: better in the second half, but too isolated on the left, we need a stronger defender. 6

Dunne: poor distribution failed to deal with a number of attacks. 5

Kompany: by far the best city player on the day. 8

Richards: spent most of the time watching the ball, crouching, but rarely actually tackled, one rash challenge could have got him sent off, if he connected. 5

Hamann: was he on? 4

Vassell: rubbish player. 4

SWP: cracking effort, fouled all game, tried and tried. 8

Robinho: not much work from him, spent allots of time really deep, often found know one moving for him.6

Ireland: couldn't handle it against the big boys. 6

Benjani: Had chances, hit them wide, not good enough, offside allot again.


Elano: tried to get into the game, not great movement, not all his passes work, the again Benjani running speed is abysmal.

Zabaleta: much needed bite and purpose driving forward.

Sturridge: too little too late from Hughes.

Ref Howard Red: awful ref, in bed with taggart in this game, right to send ronaldo off. Taggart is an idiot. Ronaldo was jumping to win a header in the box, why would he use his hand to stop it hitting his head?

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