Thursday, 4 December 2008

Manchester City 0:0 Paris St. Germain: mental fans, rubbish football.

Not much to report on the game, bitterly cold night was made worse by an abject performance from both teams. Robinho accusations of not wanting to win were to clear to see with the efforts from some of the players. Hughes still wont give Jo 90 mins, GREAT man managment mark!!! I thought Elano was quite poor on the night, but re-watching the game on tv, i felt we were much worse without him, his passing wasnt the best, but he is always looking to get the ball moving. Ireland once again dissapointed, a dip in his form should hopefully run out against fulham. Kompany was the star man, brilliant in every aspect, strong, full of effort, great passing and tackling. Once again vassell porved he is a donkey, forest gump style running comes to no avail, as he simply loses the ball at the end of it. Last 20 mins saw some decent effort from psg, guily and talented Reunion man Hoarau caused us some trouble, especially for dunne who was neatly nutmegged. Our saving grace was Tal ben-haim, he gave a cracking performance in defence and was decent going foward.

...bring on fulham, we still need results.

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bluemoon city 4 ever said...

Goin to yesterdays game iv finaly dicided its all to easy to see if swp, robinho,elano are not playin we will struggle i just hope we dont get any more big injury`s we miss petrov big time now elano cause all the others are simply not good enough i just hope the shiek knows he is goin to have to spend a very vast amount of money to get to champions league with the exception of the above none of the others are good enough or will be good enough no top club will be knockin on our door to take them in champions league they wont do it with us either get rid hughes get some real quality in