Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Who do YOU want Manchester City to Sign?

Rather than listing the many players linked in the tabloids, which seems to be the only focus in city related news. Who do you think city should be signing this January window? Obviously the likes of Kaka would be wonderful additions, but the likeliness of signing him in January isn't very high, despite what you may read on tribal football.

What are we looking for?
: Another striker to add to list of many, but one of proven quality and perhaps a bit older than 21. City have been keen to gamble on young stars, emerging talents, why not go for a proven top class talent who has proved himself at a top level. Looking at La Liga from Villa, Luis fabiano, henry...even forlan. Or look to Italy milito still rampant in front of the goal. Obviously you can't really rely on early season form, after all Corradi has scored the same amount as Ronaldinho.

: Battling Midfielder is an obvious one. Vincent Kompany has done a great job, but has been isolated at times, and if we lose him through injury or suspension, we are left with poor options, a tiring Hamann or an incompetent Gelson. I personally would love to see Cambiasso at the club, he is an extremely classy player, a definite replacement for Hamann, his positional sense and tackling ability is world class, he's not bad going forward either, he would be an excellent choice along side Kompany. Others i would like in similar moulds, toulalan from Lyon, he runs that team, effective and great going forward. Or we could go for the likes of Lassana Diarra, who is formed in the Makalele type role, he's better than Claude going forward, but is certainly in a similar mould of the psg man. There are plenty of players to look out for in this role, Blaise Matuidi form St Ettiene for me is another star rising in France; he could be a great coup.

: A left back, Garrido has been in great form recently, he could complain about lack of cover from Robinho, but i find he still gets skinned far to easily. He is also a young player and certainly worth keeping. Taye Taiwo is a name heavily mentioned with city and i know why! He is a very gifted player, strong, pacey left back, certainly can get forward, and can certainly shoot if any one saw him playing against Liverpool a couple of weeks back. Other names mentioned, Wayne bridge, who doesn’t get regular football, I’ve never rated him, decent player but on garrido's current form i would say he isn't much of an improvement. The bigger names coming to mind would be Grosso, Lahm... Real Madrid has two youngsters in Drenthe and Marcelo. There are allot of quality left backs, robinho mentioned Kleber at his and elano's former club Santos, he is a highly gifted player and isn’t a kid either at 28.

: Centre back, we haven’t been great at the back this season and our back two haven’t made their positions safe, Dunne has been awful, whilst Micah Richards has struggled to get any decent form. Robinho, who has had unsuccessful times at Porto and dynamo Moscow, has recommended Thiago Silva. He would be a great option, and will be snapped up by a big European team regardless. Kolo Toure from Arsenal has been linked; he is certainly a good player.

: Goalkeeper, Joe Hart isn't the finished article yet, he is very talented but young and naive, he has allot to learn, he has shown at times that he is really quite inexperienced. Again there are allot of really good keepers out there, from the likes of Buffon to the Mandanda's, akinfeevs to the relatively unknowns such as Enyeama, Ochoa.

Who do you think we need to buy this January?


GAGA said...

To say that gelson fernandes is incompitent is a ridiculous comment, gelson when he plays is very compitent for a young man and looks to have been learning well at the club he has potential to be a good player he runs about to much once he settles more he will better and one thing he does great which city lack is he keeps the ball he plays percentage football and will only play the simple ball if it means retaining possesion so incompetitant is just a moronic thing to say. I would buy a goalkeeper probably mandanda from marseille looks a fine keeper, we need a ball playin centre back so thiago silva i wouldnt say is a good option but the lad robinho said hughes mentioned luisao from benfica would be a good choice or i would go for toure i always been a big fan of him, i think garrido is playing well so only a left back to challenge him because ball is not the man was missing on sunday in defence, we were getting breached all the time and also they scored from that side so probably taiwo from marseille who is a right belting player not many out there better than him, in midfield like you said cambiasso who we are linked with is a good player but id go for frings or gattuso to bring in quality and experience, diarra im not sure on because although i rate him i think he wouldnt fit in to our team id try to get yaya toure from barcelona and up top we need a lead striker all the forwards there now seem to always be lacking someone finding them holes for them to slip the ball in to them or take away a defender henry would be great for that role but a more simple one would be micheal owen his movment is fantastic , maybe mario gomes from stuttgart i have been watchin him since linked to him because he was rubbish in the euros but he is very good very strong, bullies defences and seems to know where the net is.

tommytheblue said...

he's incompitant because he doesnt do any job properly.

his desire to run up and down the field is great, but he doesnt tackle well enough to be a defensive player, his passing is poor. he lacks composure, he needs alot of developing and at this time he is simply a liability.

not gattuso's biggest fan, great spirit and tackling, but awful passer of the ball, frings is a class act, but 32.

i have never seen gomes play well, so i am relying on your knowledge, would he flourish in the prem.

GAGA said...

wow fernandes is a good passer its the best part of his game he hardly ever makes a bad pass so i have to disagree again there i mean i go every game home and away and im not sayin he is amazing but he isnt incompitent for sure and at his age he can only get better. I know what you mean about gattuso he always seems to have had raw ability that hasnt quite been polished but i still think he would fit with vincent in the middle as our hard man that we have lacked since we lost foe r.i.p. As for frings age that wouldnt be a problem he is still fit and we need someone like him or gattuso with all that experience to take us through our transitional period that is supposed to be happening.Now gomes as i said in previous like you id never seen him play well but that was while playing for the germans infact in the euros you would not of thought he was a football player but since it was revealed we bid for him and may go back for him i have been watching him alot and i have to say in the german league he looks the business but the prem as we know is a different story only one way to find out and thats to sign him.

tommytheblue said...

ok we can agree to disagree on gelson, i simply dont rate the lad.

I agree on the remark about missing foe, we never did replace him, dare i say we never replaced barton either, he has obvious problems, but was a ball winner for us and got us going.

Frings is a class act, he could do everything we want hamann to do. i would say he's pretty much world class at his job, hopefully we can attract a player of his standing in jan

GAGA said...

Barton i know what u mean he had some kind of influence but should of been replaceable foe was different gravy to him. Frings may be harder to get than we think but would defo be good. Tommy can i also just say how refreshing it is that you answer ppls comments and also dont hide behind your own opinion normally the writers just get arsey when disagreed with or dont say anything atall so i think the way your doing things is brill.

tommytheblue said...

cheers GAGA, aprreciate your input.