Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sell Elano, Buy Bellamy!

Flippant i know, but it gets the point across^

Well the papers are full of it tonight Elano is 1st out this January and i expect JO and Robinho will soon follow, it's clear they dislike Hughes and have had enough of his arrogant little charade.

Last match vs WBA was the embodiment of things to come at city, Hughes reward for those who run up and down the pitch for 90 mins rather than try and play the game with skill and flair. This was most evident against Everton, pretty much the same side that thrashed pompey 6-0 had simply lost interest and under the guidance of Hughes have developed any thing that was good left from Svens reign, ie. the patient football, quick breaks, clever passing and it's been replaced with basic workman like performances. His intentions are clear, city will be reinforced with these types of player in January, Bellamy is liked by Hughes will add work rate to the side. Santa Cruz is big and will a target we can lob the ball up too from defence. Wayne Bridge is another try hard, makes up for average ability.

Mark Hughes may well have modelled his training camp on some of the top team in Europe, but the problem is his own personality. Like Keane they believe that ruling with a iron fist is the only answer, this dictator type role does nothing for Team morale, this isn't a small town club with a low fan base and low expectations. Again like Keane he probably likes to think he is using taggarts style of management, but they are both wrong, taggart does rule a strict camp, but you won't see him punishing Ronaldo for not tracking back! He has the ability and the intelligence (well..) to know foreign players generally don't like to be treated children, and recognise that some of his mercurial talents need to be treated differently. I'm not a big fan of 'appy arry' at spurs, but i'm pretty sure he gets results from player through good managment rather than running the club like the KGB.

Hughes isn't going to get sacked that much is clear, Garry cook hired him under the previous ownership, and has more than the clubs interest at heart in keeping Hughes, he stuck his neck out to get Hughes and has backed him all the way, he doesn't want to be see as failing under the new ownership who didn't hire him. So where do we go from here? Is it really plausible that Hughes can replace all those not performing, ie dunne, micah, all strikers...are Such whole sale changes going to make a difference in the middle of a busy season? Hughes is extremely lucky that he has all this money to spend, because otherwise he would of dismantled a good premier league squad and almost certainly lost his job. The fact that he as to buy his way out of trouble in January is disgraceful in it self. It's going to be a long hard season, Garry Cook better bloody hope he comes good or his head should roll too!


Anonymous said...

Agree with every word you wrote there, mate! I'm in physical pain watching this clown breaking the dream we had of being a worldclass club. I find it hard to believe that the big names (the football ARTISTS) will ever wanna play for Hughes.

Anonymous said...


Bring on the trumpets! Can anyone join you ladies, or is it drama queens only?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, another Blue content with mediocrity and prepared to bury his head in the sand.

Keep playing that fiddle mate whilst Rome is burning.

Anonymous said...

Man this site makes Bitter and Blue look good its so fucking Awful.

BluePeter said...

"Agree with every word you wrote there, mate! I'm in physical pain watching this clown breaking the dream we had of being a worldclass club. I find it hard to believe that the big names (the football ARTISTS) will ever wanna play for Hughes. '

Er... hang on a minute, it wasn't so long ago we were playing Gillingfham in the Play Offs! I think being a world class club is another few years off just yet.
Let's not run before we can walk; some people might want instant success but it is not going to happen.
It takes years to build a sustainable world class reputation both on and off the pitch; so let's show a little bit more patience, afterall it's been a while since 1976, another two to five years won't make that much difference in the scheme of things.
Patience Blues brothers and sisters, give Sparky time.

tommytheblue said...

whats wrong with bitter and blue?

tommytheblue said...

blue peter, indeed your right, we have been shite for years. but i feel if we made any proegress at all last season, that was has gone, were bottom at christmas...it surely couldn't of been hughes plan to destory the team and build it up from scratch in janaury, that would be reckless

BluePeter said...


It was always going to be a season of transition, and the markedly different approach employed by Hughes was always going to ruffle a few feathers.
SGE and Hughes obviously have contrasting styles and I don't think anyone in their right mind would subscribe to the view that Hughes came in with the intention of undoing the good that SGE put in.
He was given very little time in real terms to assess the squad at first hand before we were plunged into the marathon that is the UEFA Cup.
Seeing your players in the bright sunshine and warm weather, new players eager to show what they can do for a new manager, is slightly different to being a few months down the line when injuries have had time to take their toll, ensuring more pressure is applied.
Hughes has now given the squad he inherited, plus the players he brought in, time to show their true character and some have clearly disappointed.
He was always going to strengthen in January once he had discovered the true character and ability of the players.
Surely any player, whether it is a an honest player of limited ability or a Brazilian with bags of flair needs to accept that Hughes pays his wages and therefore is entitled to tell them how he wants them to play - whether we as far agree or not.
It happens to us all in everyday life; only difference is we don't paid £50,000+ per week.
Too many people seem to be taking the poor players' side. Maybe some of them should stop moaning and adapt to the way their employer wants them to work - or face the consequences.
Who was in charge when we lost 8-0 at Middlesbrough? It wasn't Hughes.
Let's stop thinking of the players as all-knowing, all-suffering slaves; instead let's start thinking of them as employees who have to earn their money, earn their place in the team and perform for 90 minutes once or maybe twice a week.
It beats 9-5 Monday to Friday.

tommytheblue said...

Hi bluepeter, i appreciate the contribution, i enjoy reading the intelligant answers rather than the abuse lol...

And again your right in many ways, the premier league footballer of today is pathetic,, you only have to look at spurs and blackburn to see the immediate reults of sacking their manager. player power is a problem.

But again i adress the problem of hughes is his vision for the club doesnt match most of our team, he clearly blamed elano and has leaked details to the press to justify selling him...he has soley blamed him, which isnt right consiering how many of our players who have simply not put up a fight this season.

He is after all the manager, he is meant to manage not alienate, his methods so far have clearly had an adverse effect and i find that worrying.

in reference to an article on tldorc, he highlights that hughes did set out criticising the old regime and dismissed our efforts last season, which indeed will upset those who played well last season and enjoyed svens tenure..

we may of lost 8-0, but in expectional circumstance the players had revolted, rumours of strike from dunne (in favour of sven) the political turmoil hauting the clubs owners since christmas meant things were never going to be normal.

Danny Pugsley said...

"Man this site makes Bitter and Blue look good its so fucking Awful."

Another satisfied reader...

tommytheblue said...


it appears some people dont appreciate opinion. haha

thanks for visiting

BluePeter said...

Ah... good old Anglo-Saxon, the last refuge of someone who can't bear to be disagreed with
What happened to the cut and thrust of debate and reasoned argument?
"I don't agree with them/they don't agree with me, so Debate - end of.