Monday, 3 November 2008

Bolton 1 Richard dunne 1 vs Man city 0

Another awful result to add to our pretty awful away form. The worst performance of the season i have to say. Previous games against boro, newcastle we played pretty well, defensive flaws let us down. Yesterday we were awful at the back and up front. No Jo again, means we are not effective upfront, Ched Evans tried hard, but didn’t really worry the Bolton defence, he’s too inexperienced. The decision to remove Elano again seems to be costly, hamann was pretty bad, we lost elano gift to create something out of nothing. Hughes be warned, we could lose elano if you dont play him. The Defence again failed to perform, kompany was often the one cleaning up the mess at the back. Micah played most of the game upfront, it doesnt work! Ben haim out performed dunney, zabaleta fairly solid as ever, But dunne again looks dodgey and scored another own goal, i don’t understand why this bloke is captain, he seems to be lost most of the time, doesn’t grip the team when needed, he may be replaced if he doesn’t buck his ideas up.

Hart- Kicked the ball out all game, we lost the ball everytime. Didn’t really have much to do all game 6

Zabaleta-Solid, good to have him back. Couple of poor crosses, so did everyone else. 7

Ben Haim- Decentish (not a real word). Tried going foward. 7

Dunne- Crap distribution, own goal again, poor leadership. Average display. 6

Richards- Not very good going foward, tries too hard, hopefully back in the centre soon. 5

Kompany- Solid, Strong, did most of the covering at the back. 8

Elano- tried hard, alot of balls going foward, shouldnt of gone off. 6

Ireland- poor game, did very little, cant finish, often off-side, yet whinges when he doesnt get the ball- stupid! 6

SWP- Woeful, poor ball retention, didn’t look as good as he has earlier this season. Couldnt shoot. 5

Robinho- poor game, lost the ball too much, although could of scored, always has the ability to change a game. 6

Evans- Doesn’t read passes very well, not very skillfull, decent pass to ireland was about it, not a threat to bolton defence. 6


Sturridge- 6 what could he do?

Hamman- 5 worst performance from him, i’ve seen.

Bolton- too physical, awful side really, makes it even harder to take, that we lost.

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