Saturday, 29 November 2008

Manchester City Vs Manchester United: Derby day preview.

Don't have a great deal of information about tomorrow...but the formbook goes out the window.

Apparently Liverpool is United big game of the season, although you wouldn't know it this week, with amount of crap our poor Salford relations have come out with. Taggart's deep concerns, rooney managing to string 5 words together and giggs looking at 6 different reporters at once, even Fletcher opened his mouth, sadly know one listened.
It's clear United were a little put out that we beat them last year in the Munich™ ® disaster memorial. They were in a self-congratulatory mood, and we soon rid of that. A rightful punishment for a team that had long neglected the actual victims families and merely used the incident as a tourist attraction.

I'd like to welcome the United fans a rare trip to manchester for the game, it hopefully will live up to expectations, with the world watching on from 1:30 tomorrow.

Who knows what tean Hughes will pick.
Zabaleta returns hopefully along with Elano and of course Robinho!
Garrido may be a doubt after going off injured Vs Schalke, so Ball will step into the fray.

The scarf's will be out tomorrow, I'm bringing mine because it's bloody cold. Hoping for a good game tomorrow, with no fog. City to win!

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