Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Views on Hughes

Big game tomorrow Vs the mighty mclaren. We need to win! The major plus point for city is we are at home, where our form has been fairly good. Hughes has allot to sort out, to dampen the growing pressure on his job, otherwise change may come quicker than he thinks. Defensive wise, we are doing so well, one of the left back has to play, I’d still pick Javier Garrido as an all round better player than Ball, to counter his weakness at left back, I would put Micah Richards at the left of centre back, as Dunne is currently playing blind potato headed buffoon and isn't as athletic or quick to help cover on the left. That should of been Hughes move rather than moving Micah to left back. Dunne looks likely to miss the game with an injury, I think this is a blessing! He has been on woeful form and Ben Haim has been getting sharper. Hughes also has to stamp out the bad habit that appeared again at Bolton game. Joe Hart, Dunne, and too a lesser extent Ben Haim, should stop booting the ball across the pitch to our small midfield and striker force, especially against a giant physical Bolton side. It's awful to watch and we lose possession each time.

Attacking wise, perhaps a change is needed! Elano and Kompany in the middle, with ireland and Swp on either side will do. Robinho behind Jo as the second striker.
Here arises my worries about Hughes. Elano is such a gifted player, he needs to be given the chance to play, I don’t know why he always get subbed or dropped. Hughes is more inclined to go for heart and lungs rather than class and ability. Steven Ireland for all his early form and praise has some serious flaws, one being his limited brain capability, it irritates me no-end the amount of times ireland, arrives to late, or is offside, or generally in a poor position but thinks he should of been given the ball and walks away whinging, throwing his arms in the air, it's good he want's the ball, but his special awareness is poor. His finishing is also very poor, when he does get a chance on goal he doesn’t have a very good shot, I believe he is living a charmed life in side. I think there is allot to do in January, I believe a box-to-box midfielder is in order, I would recommend Javi Martinez, tall young Spanish midfielder who can drive the ball forward from the defence and create goals.

Nery castillo is hoping to leave in January! He said the new management has really spoken to him. This also really worries me. Hughes let Geovanni go with out really looking at him, castillo isn’t a bad player, he played so well against spurs last season, but suffered several injuries. He's quick, he is also left footed, While petrov is out, we have a replacement. Felipe Caicedo is a talented lad, only 20, rated as one of the most promising prospects in world football, he is strong and can score, will he get, I doubt it. I think he will be better than ched Evans, who by all accounts hasn't really impressed anyone, let alone his opposition defenders. I am worried that Hughes is so reluctant to try these guys out, Vs Bolton the game was begging for another striker, yet Felipe just sat and watched. He will lose his place now to benjani.

I have worries of course, but I think Hughes needs to be given a few seasons to build a good side. I just think he should listen to me!

twente will be physical and have some decent player, but it think we can put them away along with the Wally on the touch line

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