Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Hughes backs the wrong man!

Hughes has moved to support Richard dunne who has been in a rich vein of poor form since the end of last season and has continued with style this season with 2 goals and plenty of assists. ok, fair enough, he needs a boost, but stories circulating elano and micah richards being targeted as the one's underachieving, makes me question what has Mark Hughes been watching this season.

Elano interview

It's clear he has laid the blame on Elano, one of the best players at the club, who has performed well this season. He dropped elano and in doing so, removed any support for the back 4, and loses the creative force that elano brings with excellent passing.
Elano has come out and said, he plays for Brazil but can't get in the city side, why? It puzzles me, what is Hughes up to. Elano also said Hughes doesn't talk to him when he comes off, so he doesn't know what he is doing wrong. Elano has cleared up the rumour that the three Brazilians dislike Hughes and his coaching style, although it appears with Jo going out midweek whilst being ill and then skipping training, shows our Brazilians are not quite content.

Robinho has scored 2 in 2 and both times he has run to the touchline to cheer with elano. This sends a clear message to Hughes, that if he sells elano, robinho is almost certain to want to leave.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry but Elano gives the ball away too musch, and can`t be arsed to defend half the time. It`s pretty obvious why he`s out of the side at the moment. He can`t play on the left behind Robinho, because they are a liability for the left full back. He doesn`t work as hard as Stevie Ireland for the available central spot next to Kompany either. Hughes tried to keep him in by using Micah at laeft full back but that didn`t work. For the sake of balance Elano aint gonna play unless Ireland gets injured, and rightly so. Get rid of Elano in January. He`s becoming a disruptive influence.

tommytheblue said...

disagree, ireland track back , but loses the ball alot as well, elano can simply swap with ireland, he has been tackling this year, he does alot of work collecting the ball from the back and has been key in releasing the likes of stevie and robinho early on this season, we have worse when hehasnt played

bluemoon city 4 ever said...

mr blue m.c.f.c As a true city fan iv thought long and hardabout this.We need two def mids if we are not goin to play 4-4-2 so that leaves three more and one up front.Personaly i would like 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 if we play with two def mids then the others should be our best att players we have available.with Petrov out for some time now Johnson doesnt look like playin again for sometme this leaves ELANO,IRELAND,ROBHINO,SWP and now Vassel.No two fans are goin to agree with the choices but i think we all agree swp is best on the right att running at goal Robinho on the left doing the same plus both players could swap sides during play.So for the middle for me at home it has to be Elano away Ireland would be a stronger option at the moment but i would like to see 4-4-2.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that when Elano plays Robinho is a happier man, they definately have an understanding, but the truth is that Hughes doesn't like Elano, come to think of it, he doesn't appear to like any player with flair and skill, I for one did not want any never did want Hughes at City, I have supported City for many a decade, and for us to use anything to do with the rags is just not on. Hughes is not the manager to take us forward, he can't handle flair players, he can't handle shed loads of money, he's a blood and guts manager, but unfortunately he doesn't have blood and guts players, he has class players who need to be treated as such, to put it into context, he is a ford capri owner trying to drive a rolls royce, but hey it doesn't matter want we all think, he's still not going to take any notice, and do his own thing, which will probably see City in a relagation scrap AGAIN.