Monday, 10 November 2008

Hughes: the right man for the job!

Al Muburak has come out in support of Mark Hughes, rightly so! We have a long season in front of us, with january edging closer, that will define the beginning of the mark hughes era, his previous (very good transfers ) were on a budget, he has yet to get his hands on the millions that brought Robinho to manchester. Hughes needs time to iron out the problems in the team, and he has to play around with the squad to do it. Some of his decisions may not be liked, i know several decisions which i regard as mistakes, but he is in the early stages of building a side and needs a lot of time to do so. Were not playing that badly, but have been restricted by poor discipline, unlucky decisions and some individual errors. His tasks should be to sure up the back line, sort richard dunne out and then buy the right players in january.

The defense, we have;
- onouha a young talented player, needs to play himself into form.
-Ben Haim- i am sick of people saying he is shit, he's looked better every game he's played. Mourinho wouldn't of signed him if he was shite, he can also pass the ball better than dunne and richards.
- Glauber Berti- An unknown quantity, tall, left footed, one cap for brazil, cant be bad.
-Kompany- a gifted centre back, a risk losing him in the centre as we have nothing to replace him with.

Dunne- this suspension will do him good, give him to get his head straight and for hughes and co to work him hard and sharpen up.


A left back: we need someone strong, good tackler and positionally good. Taye taiwo is strong quick, hard tackler, but can also attack, with a ferocious shot. Others linked haven't been so great, Wayne bridge doesn't get regular football and hasn't done for years. He isn't getting younger either, spent too long on the sidelines, never really been a fan. Warnock from Blackburn, er no thanks, liverpool reject, we don't want him.

Centre back? not sure about this, depends on dunnie!

Midfield: we never replaced Foe as a box to box midfielder, even joey barton, for all his faults, he was able to pick the ball up and drive it forward and grip the midfield when needed. We could do with Lassana Diarra as well, who will play more like makelele, but is good on the ball and can pass, he would be an ideal acquisition. Javi martinez the young spanish midfielder is tall and strong, and can pick the ball up from the back and drive it forward.

i would also recommend Rafael Carioca a quality young DM. While were at it, get the new Robinho in Douglas Costa, to add to our brazillian contingent.

Striker wise- i am unsure, Jo needs his chance, he's good and needs confidence, but i wouldn't say no to the likes of vagner love, huntelaar, just not santa cruz. Bojinov set to return for the New Year we could be ok. Goals are not the problem.

Anyway, city fans, have patience, you may not like hughes, i hate the man, never liked him at blackburn, don't like him now, but i recognise he is a top manager and one of the best British managers around. He will implement his changes in january and then we will see what hughes is trying to do with our team.

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