Friday, 7 November 2008

EURO Cup Clash Result for city!

First thing's first, it only cost £25 sterling for two European Home tie games. It's not as if we have been in Europe for years, this is a big tournament that we haven't reached for a long time, certainly to this stage. Where was everyone? Twente fans brought a handful but were loud all night, we decided that we couldnt be bothered. It bet the invisible fans will suddenly appear if we progress from the group stage! It was a disgraceful turnout last night, and i personally was embarrassed my the half empty stadium.

On to the game.

A decent attacking performance all round, good to see swp and ireland stepping back into the swing of things. An odd formation really, swp is best on the right, vassell is best without a contract! I thought Jo was playing really well, created two of three decent chances for himself, his only error was not finding the net, he needs confidence and that comes with goals, hughes please stick with him. Robinho waited till he scored a Brilliant goal to step up a gear, and could of had three goals, with two coming off the post. Steve Ireland despite still being goal shy, was on top form passing and effort wise! Good to see Benjani back, lucky deflection of course on his goal, but he worked hard, had another decent shot forcing the decent keeper to save, he will be working his way back to full fitness. But of course with city we can score 10 goals but we could of conceded 12.

The defense is a shambles. Zabaleta had a fairly poor 1st half, being skinned a few times and lost the ball in the lead up to the 1st goal. But at least he did improve second half and made some good tackles. Garrido was the best at the back and I'm delighted for him, he made some last gap tackles, passed well, it's what we need. Micah Richards was woeful, school boy stuff from him with the 1st goal, appealing for off-side while their attacker broke on goal. Dunne another rubbish performance, this guy is meant to be our captain, he is off the pace defensive wise, slow for the 1st goal, way off the mark for the 2nd. He needs to be dropped! Joe Hart is apart of the problem, i expect him to be beaten most times now, we need an experienced goalie who can command the defense. Dunne and Hart caused us alot of problems last night, the lost the team possession so many times, just kicking it up field aimlessly, it's horrible to watch and is actually detrimental to the teams progress. The benefit of elano is he collect the ball from the back stopping them form giving the ball away.

Other worries.
Gelson runs around like road-runner, great energy, has ability but he seems so rushed, he doesn't do anything properly. He gave away the ball alot and didn't nearly do enough good tackling. He was horribly exposed, but simply isn't as good as Kompany, who will miss the Spurs game, a great worry for me, as we can lose the game in the middle to the likes of modric and huddleston. My other worry is why did Hughes pick Vassell. He can't attack, can't pass, can't take anyone on, h just runs alot. He doesn't deserve to be in the team, and should be sold very quickly in Jan.

Happy with the result, Twente are a well organized, average European side, and Mclaren is an idiot. We need to beat Spurs next, who are in good form with saggy face 'arry', if we dont sort out defense out by tomorrow we could be in for a goal-fest.


Steven said...

Hey Idiot,

You do Steve and Twente wrong by your view of the game. Twente was wel organised and played an good game, also the fan's wo came over. Of course Twente can't do much against a bought victory if you look at class player like some brazilian guy. If Twente had more luck in finishing of the changes we would have won.

Anonymous said...

Poor Steven
And I thought Newcastle fans lived in thier own make believe world.Gods own football team could have scored 7.
Winning 3-2 flattered an orginised outfit playing oput of thier skins hard put to survive in our division 2.
A bought victory .....?
Socialist ideology on equality has no place in the real world, money talks, always has, thats why you are a meaningless club in a meaningless league.
The fans who came over could have filled a small railway carraige but at least they had the privilage of paying to enter one of the best stadiums in Europe so goodbye twente and yourworld in a bubble supporter steven

tommytheblue said...

steven- dont know what your talking about...i said twente brought a handful of fans are were loud all night..

twente only scored through defensive misgivings

robinho could of had three...

twente are well organized but average, sorry but mclaren is an idiot.