Sunday, 9 November 2008

Man city 1- spurs 2 - ref ruins a good game

The pressure on Hughes shoulders in now immense, with Hull, Arsenal and Manyoo coming up along with Schalke in Europe, this spell will be the most important one of hughes managerial career. There is plenty of hostility on radio phone-in's, message-boards alike calling for hughes to be sacked. Are we really going to sack a manager so quickly again? Hughes has made mistakes but has also been unfortunate with injuries and refereeing decisions that have certainly contributed to our poor form. Sending off at liverpool changed the game, penalty at boro changed the game and yesterdays match was ruined by 3 sending offs. I think, if by the end of january we are still around the bottom, his position becomes untenable, but for now i hope Al Mubarak and crew stick with him. It appears he will regarding comments on the official site, i for one am happy with that.

We scored 1st in a game that was open and exciting, we were the better side, vassell did something right, shot on target, gomes with his ability to be brilliant and rubbish in one game, excelled once again pushing the ball out in the box, where robinho was waiting to pounce. The mood around the ground was generally good, despite the awful weather. Mike Dean decided to spoil what would of been a good spectacle of two good attacking sides. He 1st booked Gelson for a reckless but not dangerous challenge and then again for a minor foul, considering how early it was in the game, the horrible conditions of the pitch, the mediocre nature of the challenges, common sense should of prevailed, instead an officious, arrogant ref, couldn't wait to show a red card and make sure he had his stamp on the game.

spurs then dominated in patches as we still tried to score. A lofted pass, that was easy to deal with would become city's downfall, the captain missed the ball completely allowing Darren Bent to place the ball beyond Joe Hart for the equalizer. Dunne once again showed how out of form he is, and how wrong he was criticizing our attacking nature, when he and richard have been at fault for most goals through individual errors. There second goal would come about through some poor defending from dunne allowing jenas to hold up the ball in our box, we were carved open and bent shot passed hart on to the post and in.
To cap off a calamitous performance a through ball from huddlestone would spell the end to Dunnes game. The ball managed to ricochet off the clueless defender into the patch of bent, dunne gave chase and touched bent on the side with his hand, according to the ref any contact on a player constitutes a foul and as he was last man, he had to go. It was far too harsh, dunne barely did anything wrong, the conditions were awful and bent slipped under the pressure. The Fa have reduced his ban to 1 game.

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