Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Star Studded Reserve Outing

City tonight will field a Reserve side with Michael Ball, Glauber Berti, Didi Hamann, Felipe Caicedo and Jo. City are facing a Bolton reserve side at mini coms. There is an hour to kick off, so if your close pop down to the ground it's free with a seasoncard.

Not sure what Hughes thinks he is achieving playing Jo in the reserves, he just needs games to get confidence, not to be taken off every game he has played. What message is he sending to Jo?

Fat Ronaldo has once again been linked with city, he seems keen to join the other Brazilians not he is getting back to full fitness. I personally would snap him up, he isn't getting any younger, but was in fairly decent form before his bad injury. It's not really a risk, we have 'loads of money', if he fails, he fails. We are missing a cutting edge upfront, tubby ronaldo may be a bargain!

QPR have made a laughable attempt to sign Elano on loan. A middle order championship side isn't really appealing to a Brazillian international. I am more worried about the prospect of Inter signing Elano in January, as Hughes has made him a scapegoat this season, he's replaced Elano with Vassell.

Not looking foward to the next two games!

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