Tuesday, 20 January 2009


I am pretty disappointed at how the proceedings have gone, especially after the Ronaldinho debacle in the summer and the intense media scrutiny on the Kaka deal, has made it all very unpleasant. Allot of journalist have simply been irresponsible, i wish the club would do more to dismiss damaging news in these papers.

Garry Cook has supposedly blamed Milan for bottling under a pressure, some have suggested, the cynical ones, that Burlosconi has used this as a popularity contest. He flew back from Gaza yesterday and managed to keep Kaka. This speculation will do us no favours.

Whats next for city?

Robinho has left the city training camp in Tenerife. It's been reported that he has flown home to Brazil for his 25th birthday. The Sun have suggested Hughes did not want him to leave. There is no Official statement from the club, which is very poor, only Garry cooke on the Radio. You really want to listen to his if you haven't already.
Robinho must of have had his flight booked, because, there can not be many flights from Tenerife to Brazil. This is not what we need at the moment, makes the club look like a joke. Very disappointing.

More signings to come? De jong should be joining city soon, although if he watches SSN and listens to the constant city bashing, he might not!


longwayfromhome said...

There's an excellent article on the MEN website which in my opinion sums up the hypocrisy outside Eastlands throughout this saga.


tommytheblue said...

cheers, a very interestign article