Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Old man Hamann ruptures Ligament!

I have grown tired of this transfer window already, even Stoke have signed more players than we have. We seem to be caught up in a pointless battle with West Ham and Blackburn over player that know one really wants at the club, apart from Hughes. If he really wants these players, i don't see what the problem is, he has already offered far too much for them, why not give them what they want and have done with it. Early statements about not getting ripped off, were nonsense, you will always pay over the odds to buy players in January.
We still have a fair amount of time, but obviously there is some need of reinforcing before we play anymore games. We were lucky to be given some breathing space, due to the incompetence and penny pinching manner of peter storrie at Portsmouth. With Wigan being our next opponents Saturday, some midfield muscle would be ideal. The wigan midfield is full of big strong players, the likes of Palacios and Kapo offer strength and flair. City will be without Ireland and now with Didi Hamann who is out for around 3 months, after rupturing ligament whilst toe punting a ball in training. This is a recurrence of an old injury and could mean that he has played his last game for the club.
There is a direct need to fill this position 1st rather than wasting time on Bellamy and RSC. A decent striker is needed in the long run, i don't see the need to rush for a second rate one, when we score plenty of goals already. The weakness in the midfield and at the back needs to be addressed. Robinho stated earlier this season, this exact problem, Hughes need to build from the back and address the issues that are causing good players to have a serious dip in form.
It's a frustrating time for all city fans, who seem to be pretty divided on how lenient we treat Hughes failure so far this season. It's not something i want to get embroiled in at the moment as i don't see any change on the horizon. Our concern is to get the right quality of player into the side, who must have the right personality to fit the squad as well. We must act quickly, last season January window became a farce, mainly down to Dr Thaksin political trouble and lack of funds, and again the incompetence of Portsmouth as a business and a football club. I don't want to wait until the February to get any new faces in, we are in need of a new faces and names for morale alone!


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