Monday, 26 January 2009

Bullied, Belittled and Bored.

Not written for a while since our signing of Nigel De jong. Not much has happened in the real world since, although we seem to be the target for some very unfavourable reporting. Both BitterandBlue and TLDORC have covered this in some detail recently. Our player being linked in unfounded transfer rumours even when they have denied all on their personal sites. Near slanderous sledging from certain Journalist who have simply lied and have been out of order. It's no surprise that the Sun is home to one of the Culprits.

City have become easy targets for abuse because we tried to sign one for the Best players in the world. A response that has it's grounds in jealousy that city shouldn't be allowed to try and buy Big Stars. Only a few including the Award Wining Sports Journalist Martin Samuel's have been decent enough to report without bias or an agenda. His recent interview with Mark Hughes was a refreshing break from the rest of the tabloid rubbish.

Transfer wise, nothing conclusive to report, only rumours. Shay Given is a certain target and it will be interesting to see if the deal will be done, we need an experienced goalie to take the reigns from the inexperienced and naive Joe Hart who needs to sit out a season or two and develop his game away from the spotlight.

Werder Bremen Midfielder Diego has been linked. The player is currently banned for Strangling an opposing player and has also been caught Drink Driving, although he denies being drunk! He is a Classy player apart of the same Satos side that Elano and Robinho has such great success at. He left for Porto and later joined Werder where is has become a player of great importance along side Frings. Who knows if there is any truth in the rumour, i hope there is!

Robinho has returned from Brazil and should be ready to play the toon on Wednesday night.


Anonymous said...

Er, I think if Diego had strangled the player he would facing a murder charge.

And Why do you Cap up Letters that Don't need Capping up? Capital letters only needed for proper names and the first letter of each sentence.

Anonymous said...

Er... i think the comment above, was left by a bit of a prick :)

gaz said...

Yeh player 1 is definitely a prick, go play on your Utd websites little boy!

tommytheblue said...

simple response...automated corrctions add capitals, i simply havn't changed or corrected.

don't want to go into semantics about the proper use of stranglation.
Would you prefer throttle?

it's simply a throw away remark. Thanks for your input.

Anonymous said...

First of all, i agree with the comment above.
Secondly, i find it a little ironic, that these idiots preach about the morals of having the money that is at our club, when it is clear that, somebody who was serious about professional journalism, would not be working at one of these desperate rags, writing speculative rubbish with no foundation at all. Wonder why they churn this bollocks out?... Money perhaps?

tommytheblue said...

yes you raise an interesting point, these journos write with agendas and get paid to speculate and make trouble. Yet we are made to feel like we have done something wrong.