Sunday, 4 January 2009

Scott Parker next!

According to Sky sports news tonight we have agreed personal terms with Scott Parker. He is a tougher tackling midfielder compared to most of midfield and is certainly signed for his defensive duties. Can't say i am overly excited by this deal, we will have to wait and see how much we will over pay for him, but I'm sure it will be too much. Rumours are that's it's 12 millions, which would be crazy considering he went for less than that when signing for Chelsea and that was when he was at his best..

It's an improvement at least, he can add some bite to the midfield. But if you were expecting the likes of cambiasso, diarra then you are going to be deeply let down this window. He is going to be the replacement for elano as i see it. Better than Didi and Gelson, it's a small step forward.

4 more to come then?
*Roque Santa Cruz
*Kolo Toure


Patrick said...

I would be happy with a clear out and Hughes should sell or loan out those payers that are trouble. For thos who he can't sell get them as far away from the club as possible.

Southend or some far off field on foreign soils would be nice. Personally I would hope that Hughes acts out a sliver of revenge on those trying to take the club down.

I'm sure he knows who they are the same bunch that acting totally unprofessionally last season against Middlesborough.

We all know Hughes needs to build his own team who will respect him. It seems that the fear of new players coming in has caused some players to get all shirty and that must not be tollerated.

As a City fan I have never felt so disgusted at the half baked efforts that they like to call defence as we say aginst forrest. They are actually supposed to move towards incoming balls not just let them go past them.

Dunne and Richards what are you playing at? Leave if you're not happy. Hammann get out now!

Elano you are disrespectful and whoever else you are trying to influence.. Get out Get out Get out!

Parker good signing, Would like to see two Central midfielders to replace the garbage we have.

Also another to replace Hamann assuming Parker is there to replace Elano. RSC and Owen + Given + Upson and GLenn Johnson before he signs for LFC. Toure, Bent and another left winger for When Robinho is injured or someone who can drop in there.

City fans we are in serious stuck with the current lot of players we have and I hope the club can sanction a clear out as it will save us a lot of time and will help us immensley in the next window...

tommytheblue said...

perhaps if so many players are may be down to the manager?

We are not a bad squad ... the same player managed to beat sunderland and west ham at the start of the season convincingly...and stuffed pompey 6-0...

WE have a good team, but hughes has failed to motivate, or even get them on his side.

Most peoples opionons are based conjecture in terrible cynical articles in the daily mail