Friday, 16 January 2009

Manchester City Vs Wigan: Preview.

Finally we are back. The team have had a nice break and have been able to re-coup. Robinho is back and has trained all this week. Swp is a possibility, as again the Clubs medical assessment team seem to over estimate every injury. So who are we expecting to see? Wayne Bridge will make his debut finally after signing before the Forest game. Depending on SWP fitness we could see Zabaleta move up the field and Richards slot into the right back role. Nedum Onouha is back to full fitness too. We will need to be strong in the midfield, so Kompany is likely to be partnered by the less reliable gelson.

Wigan have been playing well recently, apart from their defeat to United earlier this week. We have a terrible record against Wigan and it's about time we put this run to bed. We need the results and tomorrow is a good place to start. Wigan are a big physical side, we need to be able to cope with that, and hope our attack is as succinct as it can be. Robinho will be our key, especially without Ireland and possibly SWP.

Ideally we would have a player like De Jong in to add the grit in the midfield. But as we don't Hughes has to deal with a depleted squad. The buzz around the ground tomorrow will be about Kaka, but we must not forget the immense need for results. Our season needs a boost and i would 'just love it' if we beat Wigan tomorrow.


roy harper said...

The entire Wigan staff will be told that today they are fighting to keep Kaka, and all he represents, out of the Premier league at least until the Summer window. The City team must be told that they're effectively playing a cup-tie, a decider that will help to determine the immediate future of their bid for progress.

It'll be one of the 'finals' of the year. We all know this though. Pity the TV moguls haven't caught up with the future yet. I live too far away to get there this weekend.

Dunne (hope he's seen the shrink this week) has to be given the Cannavarro potion and put on Heskey for the day. City 4-2 (in my dreams).

tommytheblue said...

cheers Roy, it's a massive game today. the media are quick to criticise but know one has grasped the idea of what is actually happening at the club.

Dunne and richards have to be solid today, all too often has dunne been bullied by big strikers.

4 goals from us would be nice.