Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Silence descends over City.

Well I've generally had enough of the crap written in the papers such as the mail or the Guardian to the Mirror and the Sun. The journo's seem to spend most of their time on the busiest forums picking up any rumours to fill their columns.
It's the same stuff day in day out. One minute Hughes is getting sacked, the next we are still on to sign Kaka. Laughing in the showers, Hughes storming the board. As a club we have lost the plot.

Despite rumours on Sky that we had agreed a deal for the average Chelsea reject Scott Parker, West Ham slammed the deal, insisting Parker is staying put. We are being fed the same names in the press every day. It's a wonder if Hughes will get his 'request' of instant transfers, because at the moment there is nothing more than rumour. What are we to think, are ADUG delaying deals while they contemplate Hughes future or we hours away from making several signings.

What is clear is all is not well, something big will happen soon enough!

This is going to be a very interesting week. Not one i am particularly looking forward too.


Real Mancs Are Blue said...

The latest 'News' Story by woman-beating pervert (proven) Stan Collymore in the Mirror is the best;

'Hughes will be sacked by January'

Just more bile by perhaps the worst paper in the country.

Real Mancs Are Blue said...

sorry, meant 'Hughes will be sacked by February'

James said...

real mancs are blue

Carteful, I personally take offence at anyone who actually describes the M*%$or as a paper! The Scum & News of screws are emergency toilet back up but wouldn't grant the M$£$$%%% with the privilege of wiping my ar*e!

Still, Mail & Grauniad make for interesting reading.

Onwards and upwards!

Anonymous said...

You say the papers are talking crap BUT you're obviously believing it all by saying the club has lost the plot.

Make up your mind!

Real Mancs Are Blue said...

I think the Notts Forest game proved we've lost the plot, you don't need to read the gutter press to realise that mate.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't read anything by a newspaper that employs wife beaters.

tommytheblue said...

yea...it's obviouswwe have lost the plot...the performances on thr pitchare woeful and we havnt moved to dismiss any rumours.

a little fact for you

the daily mail- out of 106 transfer rumours, only 17 have been true!!

GAGA said...

On the subject of being sick of rumours, well in defence of skysports news on the parker one they normally dont ever put there name to something unless truth in it, same goes for guardian they dont publish rubbish either, as for the sun i wud never ever believe anything in that shame thats where the yaya toure story has popped up really would hope that is true.