Monday, 19 January 2009

Kaka stays in Milan

What a shame! We await an official announcement from the club.

Burlosconi has stated Kaka is staying with Milan.

Silvio Berlusconi has specified the contents of his conversation with Kakà, who announced the decision to stay at Milan: 'It is an extraordinary young man, exceptionally, the example to be followed in sport said the president is a great - man. He withdrew the money, saying it prefers the affection of the people, the Milan, the friendship of his companions. And 'someone who believes in what he does "

Oh well, we have bellamy!

More to follow. City have apparantly never spoken to Kaka and pulled out of the deal.


Falastur said...

hahaha. I knew it all along. Though I'd have loved Kaka to come to us, I knew this wouldn't work out. Note, by the way, how the way that Berlusconi handled cancelling the deal fits perfectly with the stories that he engineered the whole deal so that he could be a hero for rejecting it late on...A hoax to win voters in the next election? Or just to make sure he is endeared to the fans? Who knows, but I'm certain that his intentions were less than honourable from the start.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, in the end what do you expect? He's a politician!
Absolute shame but hey, it was fun while it lasted. At least now we can concentrate on building the team in the right way, sort the defence first and build from there. This is just a blip in the march on the premiership. Soon my friends, very soon we will sing "Championee championee..." keep the faith my fellow blues,we build and in a couple of seasons, Kaka will be calling us!

Falastur said...

Quite, though I'm undecided as to what I want the club to do now. Needless to say that Bellamy doesn't exactly excite me, and that I think there are some Robinho-level or thereabouts players who would join us, but I think any more £100m bids for players can only hurt the club through the media backlash. That said, I can't see the board taking this as an indication to stop. £50m for David Villa maybe?

tommytheblue said...

i agree falastur...we may be buying a bigger name still to keep face.

i am dissapointed today, apparantly monday the 19th is the most depressing day in the year. i agree.

Anonymous said...

I am glad in one way that this drawn out deal is ended.
We can shrug our shoulders say more fool him and move on.
We apart from being the richest club on the planet have also been the most discussed football club on the planet and not only in football loving nations.
Its a clear statement we can and will pursue the best at any price that's been hammered home.
Put a price on that publicity with not a penny spent.
No matter Berlusconi may have engineered the whole thing the world is looking at us in a new light.

Anonymous said...

Now in all honesty although we understand that Kaka did not even talk to City officials, can our signing of Bellamy show our intent to players of the cailbre of the a/mentioned and Robinho.
Its time to move on lower our sights..alittle...perhaps Diego of Bremen.
A bit worrying is Robinho "rocking the boat". Never a dull moment at City.